Things to do in Downtown Nashville

Exploring Downtown Nashville can be one of the fascinating things. Nashville is full of a wide range of museums, historic buildings as well as cool art galleries. It’s home to intimate music venues with fantastic shopping experiences.

The local food of Nashville is also very sumptuous. You are destined to have a blast while exploring beautiful Nashville. The city would fill you with lots of incredible memories. Downtown Nashville is also the best area to live in Nashville. You can get all basic to luxurious amenities in the Downtown Nashville apartment.

Here is the list of some of the amazing things which you can do in Downtown Nashville:-

#1. Tennessee State Museum

Three floors of unique art exhibitions make up the fascinating Tennessee State Museum. It’s one of the pride possession of the city. Some of the different displays are quilts, Tennessee-made furniture, silver as well as weapons. They are considered reproductions of 18th century’s print shop, which is not only an antebellum parlour but also a pioneer cabin.

#2. Pedestrian Bridge

If you haven’t taken a walk on the John Seigenthaler pedestrian bridge, then your trip to Nashville is still incomplete. It was made in 1909, having fantastic views of the skyline and Cumberland River, which is the capital of Tennessee. You can get your beautiful pictures clicked there.

#3. Country Music Hall of Fame

The Country Music Hall of Fame is 2m long, exhibiting from legends like Johnny Cash. Meanwhile, it also honours talented artists such as Carrie Underwood. It is notable for people who have country music fans. This spot is famous in Nashville. Several rotating events are hosted by the museum, which is ideal for all songwriting camps, family as well as innovative programs.

#4. Ryman Museum

This is regarded as the mother church of country’s music. This is a must-visit in Nashville. It tops the preference of the people because of its popularity. You can also purchase the tickets easily and record your song in the studio. This is one of the popular venues which makes the stars present on the stage cry.

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#5. Pinewood Social

Your dreams can get fulfilled at Pinewood Social situated in Nashville. It’s made up of modern days eccentric decor accompanied by attentive staff, making the place more appealing. You require grabbing a booth followed by diving into tater tots with paprika aioli as well as shaved parmesan.

#6. The Nashville Symphony

The Nashville Symphony is regarded as home to the U.S country. The show is performed by around 83 talented musicians who perform famous American orchestral music. The building is considered to be the finest and favourite acoustical venue which every tourist should visit. This place is no less than the aspiration for the whole family.

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#7. Backstage Nashville

It provides you with an opportunity to see your favourite songwriters in person. And listen to your favourite melodies live. The ambience is very comfortable. You can sit at comfy leather sofas and interact freely with your favourite stars. Two performances are held every week, hosted by celebrated and local songwriters who perform country music songs.

#8. Nashville Public Library

Nashville Public Library offers a divine homage to the books, dramatic chandeliers, painted ceilings, along beautiful views of Church Square Park. Apart from a wide collection of books, you would also find murals describing the history of Nashville.


Nashville would offer you umpteenth ways to safely escape from your daily monotonous routine. You can have a great time there with your family by visiting many museums, studios, nightclubs, libraries etc. You should have around 4-5 days to explore the city thoroughly.

The city offers you a lot of adventure with game time attractions providing good laughs and quality time with your loved ones. You can have a blast in the city.

You can also take help from various websites on the internet regarding where you should go first in Nashville. It would clear all your doubts, and things would take place in an organised way. 


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