The Compact Longboard for Travel?

The best compact longboard for travel is one that can protect your board and make it easy to carry.  By design, most boards are too big and unwieldy for transport in an urban setting or on public transportation. In addition, they’re often just too big for a traveler’s backpacks or suitcases.  So what’s the solution?  A skateboard that can disassemble and pack into a bag or suitcase.  Fortunately, there are already several models of these so-called “travel longboards” on the market.

What is a compact longboard?

A compact longboard is a skateboard that can be disassembled into parts small enough to fit into your backpack or suitcase, without sacrificing the fun of regular skating. This is an example of a compact longboard.

Airush Lithium-Ion Lite Longboard Skateboard

The Airush Lithium-Ion Lite can be disassembled into three pieces, using a patented “plug-and-fly” system.   This makes it very easy to pack without tools since the trucks and hardware are removable.  It can be reassembled in seconds to ride or when you reach your destination. The Lithium-Ion Lite is built using the same ultra-lightweight construction that Airush uses in their inflatable stand-up paddleboards -honeycomb technology plus carbon fiber.  This makes it extremely light, while still maintaining durability (lighter isn’t necessarily stronger).

Why buy a compact longboard?

If you want to bring your favorite compact electric longboard with you on your travels, but don’t feel like checking it in as luggage, the best option is to bring one of these boards instead.  This can be an especially good idea if space in your backpack is limited or your luggage is overweight.  In addition, these boards are often easier to carry over a shoulder or in a bag, because the “deck” (the board’s flat surface) is smaller and thinner than a regular longboard.   

How do you ride a travel longboard?

It takes a little bit of practice to learn how to ride a travel longboard. There are going to be more trucks and parts, so the “feel” is going to be different from your regular board.  However, if you can get off of your current board without falling down, then there’s a pretty good chance that you’ll pick this up in no time…

What are the benefits of a compact longboard?

A regular skateboard can be cumbersome to carry around downtown, on subways or buses, and even in airports.

#1 – Mini Cruiser Skateboards 

The first type of compact longboard is the mini cruiser skateboard.  Mini cruisers are shorter than traditional skateboards Below are two examples of compact boards currently on the market.

#2 – Longboards

The boards in this video are not compact, which means that they’re going to be harder to carry around and travel with. The “feel” of a regular longboard is also going to be different from what you’ll experience on a folding board or mini cruiser.

#3 – Skatro Mini Cruiser Board

This board also breaks down into three pieces, making it easy to pack anywhere.  It’s lightweight and features soft PU wheels which roll very easily.

What kind of compact longboard is right for you?

Do you live in a city with crowded streets and sidewalks that are too small for traditional longboards?  Then a mini-cruiser or folding board may be just the right choice. If you want to ride around campus, through the park, or down your favorite bike path -where space is not an issue- then a full-size longboard is probably the best option.  This is especially true if you’re looking for something that’s also good for downhill or cruising on open roads.  

Difference between mini-cruiser skateboards and folding boards

The biggest difference between mini-cruiser skateboards and folding boards is the “deck” (the board’s flat surface).  Mini cruiser decks are very short, typically 8-inches or less.  Folding boards are designed to fold in half but still function like a regular longboard (most folding boards also come with “foldable” trucks). This means that the deck is longer than 8 inches.

How Compact longboard used in traveling?

Above we showed some examples of existing compact longboards on the market. You may be wondering how they’re used and whether or not you can ride one of these boards on regular city streets, bike paths, sidewalks, etc.

If you’re looking for a compact longboard that can carry your stuff around urban environments – whether you want it for traveling or just daily commuting- then the Swiss Banker Movement might be right up your alley! This electric longboard is small enough to carry with one hand yet powerful enough to support riders weighing up to 220 lbs. It folds in half for easy storage and can even be connected to your smartphone using the app, so you’ll always know how fast you’re going!

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Common Electric longboard

Electric longboards also exist, but they’re different from electric skateboards in many ways. Electric boards intended for urban use (where you might ride on streets or sidewalks) typically have smaller decks than their “skate” counterparts. Short decks can be easier to carry around when you’re not on your board; plus, the reduced size reduces weight and makes it easier to travel with.


*Please note that this top speed is in “stock” condition. You can potentially tweak the board to go faster, but this will likely reduce its overall lifespan in the process. Also, it’s important to know that certain areas do not allow skateboards to drive at speeds higher than 10 km/h (for example, Barcelona has laws against electric skateboarding on its sidewalks).

Folding longboards

I know that folding skateboards exist, but can an electric skateboard function as a “mini-car”? Yes – the Swiss Banker Movement electric skateboard is capable of carrying up to 220 lbs! The board’s deck measures 20″ x 8″, which means you’ll have plenty of room for groceries or even a child seat if needed. In terms of power, this board comes with a 36v Lithium-ion battery, and its top speed is 15 miles per hour (which translates into roughly 25 km/h)*. You can also attach your smartphone via Bluetooth using the app so you always know how fast you’re going and whether or not you’ve reached your destination.

What is a folding longboard?

A folding longboard is just like any other type of longboard – except that it folds in half. There are two different types of folding boards: “foldable skateboards” and “electric skateboards”. Folding skateboards are typically made with basic technology without motorized parts, whereas electric skateboards are already powered up with electronic components.

How does a folding electric longboard work?

A folding electric longboard is composed of two parts: (1) the deck and (2) the trucks. The deck (or “deck”) is the main flat surface of the board and features all of the electronic components. The trucks are the two arms that extend from the deck and hold up your wheels.


When folded, these two parts come together to form a compact unit: this is what makes it easy to carry around and convenient for travel purposes. 

Parts of folding longboard: 

These two parts have to be connected so that they can work together as a single unit. These are decks and trucks. This is typically done via “snap-on” technology, which means you’ll need to find the correct connection point and push them together until they click into place. They’re sometimes held in place with magnets or other fasteners. You might also find some folding longboards that use bolts instead of snap-on components.

Bolted vs. Snap-On technology for Folding Longboards

When traveling, it’s more convenient to carry around a folding board; plus, they’re less likely to damage surfaces like walls or furniture.


Bolted boards tend to be sturdier and more reliable in the long run, but they’re more difficult to set up.

The best electric skateboards (compared)

(1)  Swiss Banker Movement:

Features: 36v Lithium-ion battery / Weight: 12 lbs / Top speed: 15 mph / Range per charge: 10 miles

(2)  Boosted Dual+:

Features: 2,000W dual motor / Weight: 15 lbs / Top speed: 22 mph / Range per charge: 7 miles*

(3)  Meepo Campus 2WD:

Features: 200W dual motor / Weight: 13.5 lbs / Top speed: 16 mph / Range per charge: 12 miles

(4)  Zboard:

Features: 2 x 500W brushless hub motors / Weight: 15 lbs / Top speed: 16 mph / Range per charge: 10 miles

(5)  Inboard M1:

Features: 800W brushless motor / Weight: 15 lbs / Top speed: 18 mph / Range per charge: 7 miles


For shorter commutes and traveling, a mini-cruiser skateboard is your best bet. If you have the space in your luggage or backpack, get a regular longboard for longer commutes. Carrying travel longboards with you everywhere is an excellent way to get some exercise and fresh air while you’re on the go.  A regular skateboard can be cumbersome to carry around when you’re in a hurry, so these boards are perfect for commuting through large cities.  You could even use them as your everyday mode of transportation or secondary vehicle if your commute is short enough and/or parking is difficult where you live.

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