The 7 Best Survival Subscription Boxes for the Ultimate Prepper

It’s a known fact that we’re living in uncertain times. Today may be good, but you don’t know about tomorrow. Why not plan for the near future rather than living one day at a time? That’s what a survival subscription package allows you to do. 

This gift of technology and creativity allows you to be prepared for anything. Still, it enables you to make some unforgettable memories and discover exciting new products, which is a plus if you’re new at surviving outdoors. 

The best part is that most subscription boxes arrive monthly. The best ones come in a curated kit that lets you use your imagination to make the most of your time outside. 

Sure, poor-quality packs deliver items, but their products don’t inspire creativity or encourage adventure.  

Here are some of the best survival subscription packs that will never let you down outdoors: 


Battlbox is an essential outdoor field tested survival subscription box. Hardcore preppers will find the items it offers to be excellent and convenient. 

Manufacturers base each box on a Mission or theme, such as Active Shooter/Mass Casualty Response and Repair Anything, and it has nifty products that can help you conquer the great outdoors. 

What’s even more impressive about BattlBox is that it provides items that you may never think you’ll need until an emergency occurs. Of course, the brand includes accessories for firearms and regular survival and outdoor gear. 

It offers four subscriptions, each offering something special for a specific kind of survivalist. These subscription alternatives are: 

  • Basic 
  • Advanced 
  • Pro 
  • Pro Plus 

And it doesn’t end there. There are other reasons you should consider BattlBox for your next or first survival adventure: 

  • Each monthly box has a unique theme (Mission) 
  • They release a video with each Mission to help you understand how to use its items. 
  • Each package has survival gear from trusted brands like Hyrdapak, Gerber, Backpacker’s Pantry, and Kershaw. 

Crate Club 

Crate Club is a tactical subscription pack service. The company offers nothing but the best. It’s also among the longest-existing providers of survival equipment. 

The organization allows you to become a monthly member for an impressively affordable charge. Although memberships auto-renew, you can cancel them anytime at no additional cost. 

It offers three subscription options that each have special goodies that preppers and survivalists will love: 

  • Captain 
  • Lieutenant 
  • General 

It also ships products from reputable brands that continually make top items. Featured labels include Vertx

accessories, Gerber Knives, and Triad Flashlights. 

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Respected survival expert and television host Creek Stewart developed this box. It’s designed for those who want to develop their survival skills stress-free and straightforwardly and costs $50. 

Apocabox is a premium, bi-monthly subscription service that provides top-of-the-line gear and educational materials. Though the arrangement and packaging of the products aren’t impressive, you get instructions on how to use each of them and an occasional how-to video. 

Thanks to an info-packed printout among the items, you can confirm if your box has all the stated equipment. 

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It’s a monthly subscription box that costs $49.95/month and contains survival and tactical gear. Each pack comes with three to seven premium products. The packages usually have: 

  • T-shirts 
  • Splatter Targets 
  • Survival Tools 
  • Range Wipes 
  • Gloves 
  • Tactical Knives 
  • Decals and Stickers 
  • Gun Cleaning Kits 

Tacpack offers two levels of their subscription box: 

  • The Regular package goes for $49.95 and is automatically included in your cart when you click ‘Subscribe.’ 
  • The Legacy pack costs $96.00 and has all the above items and extra premium goodies. 

Survival Box 

It’s a service that prides itself in offering you the supplies you need to survive in an emergency you can dream of. The bureau is one of the few providers that doesn’t just send you a list of items and expect you to purchase them yourself. The Survival Box offers two packages: 

  • Emergency Preparedness Box goes for $50 (plus shipping) and is suitable for the emergency prepper or survivalist. 
  • Outdoor Adventures Box has a similar price as the first choice and is for anyone looking to have an unforgettable time outdoors. 

SHTF Survival Box 

SHTF (Shit Hits the Fan) manufacturers designed it to come in handy when disaster strikes. Their monthly packs contain survival and camping equipment from relatively unknown producers and top outdoor brands. SHTF offers three subscription levels: 

  • Primary- it contains five to seven premium items and costs $19.99 every month. 
  • Pro- it has all the products in the first tier plus two or three higher-priced articles. It goes for $49.99. 
  • Elite- contains all the items in the first two levels and 2-3 top-tier survival products for $89.99. 

Some of the products you can expect to find in a typical SHTF package are: 

  • First Aid Supplies 
  • Fire Lighters 
  • Tactical Accessories 
  • Hard Use Tools 
  • Hydration Equipment 
  • Paracord 

Barrel & Blade Survival Box 

It’s a pack that concentrates on three essential parts of survival equipment: Carry items, tactical items, and survival items every day. Each box has three products, meaning you won’t receive one of each when you order a package. Instead, you’ll get something that pairs with the month’s theme. 

The company offers clients two subscription alternatives: 

  • Level 1- it has three survival articles and goes for $49.99 each month plus tax. 
  • Level 2- it has what Level 1 offers plus a handful of upgraded products and costs $99.99 every month (tax included). 

The packaging is quite impressive. Every product is packed individually. And you’ll find a card featuring the Barrel & Blade outfitters logo in each box. The card lists all the articles in the package. 

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Spending time in the wild requires high-quality items that can help you in a survival situation. The above picks are some of the best brands on the market. Experts have tested them before releasing them to the public. Try them today and experience an exciting survival experience yourself. 

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