Things that are Harming your Relationship

At the start, everything is hunky dory. You manage to bring out the best in each other. You are over the moon with your relationship, till some time passes, and you aren’t.

Initially, everyone is on their best behavior because of which there is less friction. However, as the love settles, everyone then starts to bring out their inhibition-less self, and what then might ensue is a borderline bearable relationship. The smitten phase is over by then.

It, however, does not have to be the natural trajectory of things. Of course, you cannot live out the honeymoon period for so long, but the lows do not have to lead to the end of the relationship.

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Otherwise, most relationships turn sour when people go back to being their true self, and they then do not realize how they are ruining their relationship.

Some things that you would not realize, but are harming your relationship include:

Not being open to new experiences

Your lack of flexibility might be harming your relationship rather than allowing it to flourish. It then not only limits the things that you both can do, but it also then may lead to things becoming stale, especially if your partner wants to explore new things.

It may also then cause the development of resentment in between each other. Being open to new experiences together that can help you have fun, grow, and discover each other together, and thus is conducive to a healthy relationship.

Not being honest

Being honest is vital part of your relationship. Otherwise, it’s just you playing mind games. You might turn to not voicing your true opinion to appease your partner, but that’s not fair to you or your relationship.

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Moreover, at times, your lack of honesty might take nefarious turns like manipulation. However, that is hardly fair to the person you claim to love and will cause troubles for your relationship.

Not giving your partner enough space

At the beginning of the relationship, since you are smitten with each other, the problem of boundaries may not present itself. It is when you are sharing close quarters that problems then start to arise.

You might be tied at the hip with your partner out of love, or you might want to go everywhere and do everything with them with sincerity of your emotions, but it is not something that is healthy for your relationship.

Everyone needs their personal space and their individuality. Instead of being everywhere for them, just ensure that they know that they have your support.

Not reacting well to criticism

You cannot signal open communication and then turn sour when you receive criticism. Nobody likes to receive critique, but when well-found, it is important for growth. Moreover, when you react adversely to it, you also then shut your partner down.

When your partner is making a request from you, and then get snubbed, they then refrain from voicing their needs. This then also contributes to your relationship becoming stagnant, if not breaking altogether.

Hence, it is important that you keep an open mind to all sorts of conversation. If your partner makes a critical remark, check honestly if that’s a flaw of yours, and then mitigate it.

Not being affectionate enough

Now that the honeymoon period is over, you realize that your sex life is stuck in a rut. Nothing seems exciting to you; it is more monotonous than anything. Since being intimate with each other is important part of your relationship, therefore, lack of sexual contact then negatively affects your relationship.

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