How Is Love Your RV Popular?

Ray is his name, saying, “I love my RV!” He and his wife sold their home and purchased a new fifth-wheel trailer over eleven years ago. They embarked on an incredible one-year trek throughout the United States and Canada. 

They realized after about three months that this was life for them. They enjoyed the RV lifestyle and have continued to do so as full-timers, moving south in the winters and north in the summers.

Who Is Love Your RV?

The owners of Love Your RV are a husband and wife duo. Ray and Anne are RV enthusiasts who travel full-time. They reside and travel in their Keystone Cougar five-wheel trailer, which is 300 feet long. 

They’ve visited hundreds of places and driven over 80,000 miles. They are interested in off-grid life. They like being outside and use their RV to explore and camp in some of nature’s most beautiful settings. 

They, like Will Prowse and Professor Hobotech, provide some solar-related stuff. Their material focuses on RV skills and advice. They discuss the modifications and changes they made to their RV while honestly critiquing the goods they utilized.

Ray began a blog early on to keep family and friends updated on their travels. As time passed and they embraced their new RVing lifestyle, the site flourished, and he added more and more articles geared at assisting other RVers. 

Today, the Love Your RV website includes sections with RV advice, modifications, improvements, and product reviews in addition to their trip diary.

You can learn more about who is Love your RV and find out about many of their exciting projects!

How Ray Maintained His Relationship With His Wife While Travelling?

Traveling the open road in an RV with a significant other quickly becomes one of America’s most popular activities. What better way to spend quality time with your lover than to go sightseeing and camping among beautiful natural scenery?

However, many people are surprised to learn that RV living can provide a variety of unique problems to those engaged in relationships. We acknowledge that this traveling lifestyle hasn’t been easy on our relationship.

We’ve learned and applied some critical tactics to help maintain our relationship healthy and strong over our three years on the road. And we’d like to share five of our most essential lessons with you in this post.

  1. Teach Yourself To Breathe When Tension Rises

No matter how big your RV is, it will never be as big as your house. And the limited space in your camper might become uncomfortable and restrictive with time.

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In actuality, your companion will be by your side around the clock. And when you’re constantly claustrophobic, it’s easy to feel that everything your spouse does and says irritates you. Sometimes something as simple as attempting to go around each other in a crowded environment is enough to incite rage.

But, regardless of the source of your outburst, it’s critical to breathe in, exhale, and wash away that first upwelling of irritation before you say something to your spouse that you could regret later. Control your emotions and let the situation pass.

Breathing in and out helps keep your emotions in check and provides you with the time and mental space to observe and analyze your feelings. This is a critical initial step before expressing your sentiments to your spouse.

  1. Allow Each Other Space

One thing that irritates my spouse, Yuko, is when I stand right next to her when she’s cooking. When we’re both in our little camper van, it isn’t easy to be anyplace except right next to her.

It took us a while to learn this, but having our own space is critical to the health of our relationship. We adore our spouses, but having room to breathe and time to be alone is essential for mental health, especially while living in an RV!

  1. Help Each Other Out 

RV living may appear to be a lengthy, fun vacation, but it is also a lot of labor! Daily duties, much like while living in a house, must be completed. This involves cooking, cleaning, sweeping, and washing, among other things.

In our van, it sometimes feels like we spend half of our time taking care of everyday tasks. Consequently, whenever we have free time, we make it a point to assist one another. This speeds up the duties, and your spouse will appreciate the assistance.


The arrangement of the RV is one of the reasons to adore it. It feels safe to drive it and even park it if necessary. The kitchen has an island with spice racks and cupboard storage. 

The arrangement of the main bedroom is also excellent. There are no window treatments. Instead, the light-colored walls are complemented with wood surrounds. (They are also simple to clean.)

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