Planning for a holiday? You must choose to visit Hyderabad! It has beautiful places to woo your heart

Holidays should be something that fills your heart with happiness. Hyderabad is just that. It has the matchless beauty and the charm of a metropolitan city. Visit Hyderabad and you will return with a unique experience. There is so much to explore in Hyderabad. The city is almost 400 years old; it has beautiful monuments of the historical era. You have a vast scope for shopping and eating delicious meals. You can never get bored in a city like Hyderabad. The city has something or the other for all age groups which makes it a favored tourist destination. To make your holiday relaxing you must choose to stay in beautiful and spacious resorts hyderabad.

Mentioned below are some tourist spots you must not miss when in Hyderabad:

  • Charminar

This famous tourist attraction is situated in the old city. The shape of the minor is square and it was constructed in 1591. This beautifully constructed building was built by Sultan Qutb shah in honor of his beloved beautiful wife Bhagmati. Charminar every corner has four towers. The top floor has a small mosque as well. The visitors still visit the prayer spaces, especially on Fridays. You must visit the Charminar at night as it has beautiful lighting which is a must-watch.

  • The Golconda Fort

This massive structure is a treat for the eyes. It has eight gates and 87 bastions. The architecture skills are brilliant. The walls are very tall and majestic. The tourists have a unique and interesting experience with the acoustics and water supply.

Tourists must watch the sound and light show. It is played in three languages Hindi, Telugu, and English. The voice-over is done by the legendary Amitabh Bachchan.

  • The Guinness book record holder Ramoji

This film city was established in the year 1991 and has attracted tourists from all over the world ever since. This film studio is the largest in the world. It is situated at a distance of around thirty kilometers from the city. The trip to this destination is surely a memorable experience. It has several sets like London Street, Japanese gardens and many more.

  • Hussain Sagar Lake

This lake is one of its kind as it is the largest artificial lake in pan Asia. It has been named after Hussain Shah. There is a huge white statue of Lord Buddha made with white granite at the center of the lake. It is a beautiful attraction especially with the light show on. There are a lot of recreational activities for everyone. From boating to ferry rides. Everything will take your breath away.

  • Birla Mandir

The location of this temple is at the hilltop of kalapahad. This famous temple has been constructed and named after the famous industrialists named Birlas. They have made such temples around the country.

It is made with white marbles all from Rajasthan. The three famous architectural designs from Rajasthan, south India, and Utkal temples have been used to construct it. This surely is a site to visit.

  • The Jala Vihar
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This entertainment park is situated around Necklace Road. The place has a whole lot of water activities like Mushroom Umbrella, Pendulum, Tilt Bucket, and many more interesting things for kids and adults as well. Apart from water sports, there are interesting games like Air Hockey, Battery Cars, Basketball, mini trains, etc.

  • Chowmahalla Palace

This beautiful place was built by the Nizams. Nizam Afzar-ud-Daulah got it built in his reign during the 18th century. There are southern and northern courtyards. The southern courtyard consists of four palaces. All of the infrastructures are beautiful and a treat to the eyes. Especially if you are fond of old architecture. The public has been allowed to view since 2005.

  • Lumbini Park

This tourist spot was constructed by the development authorities of Hyderabad. There are some interesting attractions like musical fountains and laser shows which must not be missed.

  • The Qutub Rulers Tombs

These are the oldest heritage sites. These shahi tombs consist of seven tombs of the shahi rulers. The architecture includes a mix of Persian and Indian architecture. These have been constructed with grey granite and have mesmerizing designs. The beautiful bagh named Ibrahim bagh is used as a picnic spot by the visitors. The government also organizes the Deccan Festival at the venue.

  • Nehru Zoo

The Nehru Zoo Park was opened to the public in the year 1963. This Zoo boasts of more than fifteen hundred species of birds, reptiles, and animals. This zoo is the largest in India and is run by the Forest Department of Govt. of Andhra Pradesh. This Zoo has a history museum as well, which attracts many tourists. This place is famous for picnics also. There are various safari’s available to make your trip interesting.

  • The Salar Jung Museum

This museum is situated on the banks of river Musi. The collection here is very impressive. There are more than 40,000 art objects, around 8500 manuscripts, and more than 45000 printed books. This museum is well-thought-out as the major one-man assortment in the world.

There are more than thirty galleries in the museum on its two floors. The public was allowed to view in the year 1968. 

The Purani Haveli, Tank Bund, snow world, and many more tourist attractions in the city will make your trip worth it. There is so much to see that you would want to extend your stay to cover everything. It is not possible to see and return in a few days. The city leaves you so mesmerized that you would want to visit it again and again.

The beautiful and spacious resorts hyderabad are always ready to make your stay in the city comfortable. So just plan your holidays without any worries and explore the vastness of the city with a big heart. You will not be dissatisfied at all. The hectic lifestyle that everyone is dealing with each day calls for such holidays. A trip to this city can surely bring you happiness. 

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