An Inside Look at St. Pancras Station

If you are wanting to be transported to Europe, then the best portal to do just that is by traveling through St. Pancras Station.

Located in the heart of London and offering an extensive range of train services throughout Europe, you can get to anywhere your heart desires by simply hopping on a train here!

The train station itself has a long history to it. In fact, a few years ago it celebrated its 150th anniversary! So obviously there is a ton of history to this station.

But what makes St. Pancras so special? And how has it evolved over the years? Whether you are simply a history and train buff or are planning on traveling through this station yourself in the coming year, you should know the extensive legacy and offerings of this one of a kind spot.

That is why we have rounded up everything you should know to get a true inside look into St. Pancras Station, allowing you to fully appreciate it in all its glory. If anything, this station reminds us that it is not just about the destination, the journey itself can be pretty grand as well. And it all starts at the train station in the heart of London!

1. Extensive luggage storage options

One of the most amazing offerings at St. Pancras train station is the accessibility to finding a safe place to store your luggage. In fact, the luggage storage St. Pancras offerings is one of the most impressive in all of London. With a range of options that can be pre-reserved before you even enter the terminal itself, you can ditch your bags and soak up the station and the surroundings in all their glory. With content insurance included and starting as cheap as the price of a cup of tea and scone per day, you will be impressed with the luggage storage St. Pancras has to offer you.

2. Beer trains travel through the station

This is not a joke in the slightest. St. Pancras Station is the hub for transporting large quantities of beer from Trent to London every single day—and has been doing so since the late 1800s. While the trains are not as frequent as they used to be, back in the day there would often be three train loads of beer brought through St. Pancras Station every single day, and that was when brewing season was not even happening. Now you can also enjoy drinking an actual beer at their upscale bar and restaurant offerings.

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3. It survived WWII, but with scars

St. Pancras Station was around during WWII, meaning it was also subjected to the Nazi bombing that took place all throughout the city. In fact, during one of the Nazi attacks, a 500kg bomb hit the station, broke the roof and ruined platforms 3 and four. But the repairs were fast and in under a week, the railways were back up and running!

4. The piano in the station is a gift from Elton John

There is an extensive range of memorabilia sitting in the St. Pancras Station. And one of the most prized possessions is a Yamaha piano from Sir Elton John himself! In 2016 Elton John actually did a surprise performance in the station and then left the piano there as a gift. Other musical icons like John Legend have played on this very piano too. And you can as well if you are traveling through.

5. There is a high-speed tunnel

The St. Pancras Station is special for many reasons. But one of the most innovative reasons is for the high-speed tunnel that it boasts. This was a result of the Eurostar beginning services from this station back in 2007, where passengers can hop on this bullet train and go from the UK to the European continent in literally an hour. Magic really does happen in this station.

6. Shop until you drop here

While the city of London itself boasts some impressive shopping opportunities, so does St. Pancras Station. In fact, it would be extremely easy to spend at least half a day going throughout the shops, looking at the latest trends and splurging on some treats for yourself. Whatsmore, there are also some world class chocolate shops within as well. Need we say more? Nothing makes a train trip sweeter than chocolate and a shopping spree.

The next time you travel through St. Pancras Station, know that you are walking through history, an iconic landmark and a world class shopping center. Not many train stations boast what St. Pancras Station can!

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