How to Stop Unsolicited Phone Calls

The recent legislation that was created to protect people from unwanted phone calls has led to an increase in the number of people upset about receiving unsolicited calls. The most common type of call is one where the caller does not reveal themselves. The most common type of call is one where the caller does not reveal themselves, but their identity can be found by looking at the phone number or address displayed on your phone. Read Common Scams Phone Calls here.

How to Stop Unsolicited Phone Calls

  • Be aware that most phone scammers will try to call back. Don’t answer the phone if you see a number you don’t recognize and don’t answer them.
  • You should never answer the phone call if you suspect it may be a phone scam. Phone scams usually come from an unknown number, so your best bet is to just delete the call and report it.
  • Sensitive information, like your bank account number or social security number, should never be disclosed over the phone without making sure you’re absolutely sure you’re talking to someone you know.
  • Never send money to people you know nothing about unless you can establish their identity. Scammers can impersonate desperate people, but they’ll simply take advantage of your money if they get the opportunity.
  • Adding your phone numbers to the National Do Not Call Registry protects you from becoming the victim of a scam call. The National Registry also provides assistance to owners and keeps the numbers from marketers so you can spare yourself further hassle.
  • The National Do Not Call Registry safeguards you from scams by enlisting your phone number in its database. Your numbers remain off of the curb thanks to this registry.
  •  Hang up at the moment or stop the call if the person on the other end of the line is claiming to be an IRS agent, a government agency, or a utility company and asks you to make a payment. You should disregard these types of requests.
  •  Keep in mind that scammers may modify the caller ID appearing on your phone’s screen. If they use a caller ID that you are aware of, the call may come across as more credible. Thus, even if you recognize the caller, pay close attention while they’re speaking. You’ll likely receive hints that will enable you to figure out the truth.
  • Examine the settings associated with your cell phone to see which options are installed for call-blocking. Such blockers will alert you if you have any suspicions about a dubious call.
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No one likes getting phone calls from people they don’t know. The only person who should be reaching out to you by phone is your significant other, family member, or boss. Otherwise, there are people who make a living by attempting to sell things over the phone. They are aggressive and will not take no for an answer. One way to get them to stop calling is to give them a fake number that people can’t find on any directory. You can report spam calls or unsolicited calls using callmsg website.

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