Must-Have Customization Options for Your LMS

Customization is a powerful language to show your business authenticity. To make things perfect for you and your business, a customized approach is a significant step. It also increases your quality of service and provides customer satisfaction. This shows that you care about your business and want it to stand out from the crowd to make a difference. An LMS that has customized options will help your business to train employees as per the business requirement. You can also customize it for your customer learning programs. Even small or mid-sized firms require a little bit of customization to outdo the market. There are various LMS that provide customization features such as Tovuti LMS, Adaptive LMS, LearnUpon LMS, and many similar alternatives.

Here are a few customizable options that are a must in an LMS:

The color scheme:

It is common for people to judge on the basis of appearance. Customers are also likely to be attracted to a product based on its appearance. The primary goal of customizing anything is to attract people. And then comes your specific needs and uniqueness. If your LMS has options to change the color, you can achieve the desired look. It’s amazing how colors affect our mood. For instance, the red color gives you a feeling of being wrong or in danger whereas the green color gives you positive vibes. They influence our subconscious.

Multiple Languages:

The biggest barrier that can come between you and your employee or customer is Language. Your learning system should have the option that lets the learner change language to their native one. This will help your employee or customer to understand things more clearly. They should be able to change their language preference for the course and the content in it. If they misinterpreted what they learned, it will be of no use.

Content Delivery Options:

Every content you include in your course should have the ability to be visible in different versions according to the learner’s preferred device. Videos, slides, documents, or any other content that is used should be designed in a way that it operates or works efficiently and without difficulties on any device. Like for PC screens, there is more space to have graphics and there is no issue with accessibility whereas a smartphone screen needs accessibility and can compromise with graphics. It would be complicated if the software did not support a mobile version.

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Video Conferencing:

An LMS that allows you to schedule a video conference is beneficial as it gives you the opportunity to interact with your learners. You can have instructor-led training sessions or guest lectures for the learners. It can also be a  good way to maintain communication between the company and learners. You can have feedback meetings or any other conferences that are required.

App or Mobile compatible mode:

LMS your business is using for teaching the clients and employees should have an app version of the software. This will enable the learners to have access even if they have no desktop or laptop. It is also a convenient option for most people.

The different versions in one module:

This customization option is an outstanding feature for companies that have different outlets or multiple departments. If you own a restaurant that has two different outlets with two different cuisines, then this will work for you. This will allow your LMS program to create separate branding and customization according to your departmental needs.

Customize report:

Every LMS app is incomplete without reports. But it will become perfect if it has customizable options for the report. If you are able to form your own format of reports it will be more effective for learners as well as the company. This will allow you to compare certain aspects and give you clear results.


Think of customization options in LMS as selecting a dress for a party. When you are going to a party, you will dress according to the occasion, place, and who you want to impress. You need to understand what makes you feel good and is required for a positive impression. Customize LMS is an opportunity to make your brand shine out brighter.

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