How Social Media Helped Businesses Survive During COVID-19?

When social media platforms were first discovered, people had no idea about the true potential of these platforms. In fact, it took the marketing world years to catch up with social networking platforms. But it would be wrong to say that social media marketing did not exist before the global pandemic. 

It did exist, but the industry certainly got a major boost during the pandemic, so much so that once people started stepping out again, the market was flooded with jobs in social media marketing. 

Everyone started looking for their ideal social media marketing manager. It is safe to conclude that the global pandemic acted as nothing less than a catalyst for the entire social media marketing strategy. 

Keep reading to find out more about social media’s contribution to helping businesses survive during the pandemic. 

Helping Businesses Survive During COVID-19: Social Media’s Contribution

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Coming back to social media’s contribution, scroll down and find out how social media platforms helped businesses survive during Covid-19!

1. Branding And Marketing:

The whole purpose behind doing social media marketing is effective branding, followed by effective marketing. If your target audience isn’t aware of your brand, then how will you even market your brand to your audience? Before you can start promoting and advertising your business, it is vital that you work on your branding strategy. 

And that is exactly what social media did – businesses were able to implement successful branding and marketing strategies with authentic content that went viral or relatable content that helped so much in terms of engagement. Today, brands can’t even plan a marketing strategy without including social media in their planning.

2. Promotions And Advertising:

Businesses that relied heavily on traditional advertising and promotional plans were devastated when the lockdown started. In fact, several businesses used both physical and digital means of adveetsing and promotion, but naturally, social media wasn’t considered to be as important as the other means of advertising. 

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But during the pandemic, a major advertising avenue was closed, and businesses had to depend completely upon digital advertising for executing the same. In fact, it was only a matter of time before brands turned digital, but the pandemic certainly proved to be a catalyst of sorts, making advertising digital.

3. Increases Sales:

There’s no bigger benefit than helping a business generate sales. Yes, social media platforms proved to be a big blessing for most businesses, but that’s not the only place these platforms proved to be beneficial. In fact, small businesses actually benefited more than anyone expected. 

Small businesses are solely dependent on pop-ups and other similar events for their sales – yes, before the pandemic, social media providers were an important income source, but nothing when compared to pop-ups. It was only during the pandemic that small businesses made social media their biggest source of income because of increased sales.

4. Boosts Website Traffic:

One of the long-term benefits of effective marketing on social media is how it boosts traffic to your website. During the pandemic, businesses relied even more heavily on social media marketing to boost website traffic. Brands started publishing more and more on their social media accounts, and people kept engaging with the same because what else will you do sitting at home for months?

In fact, online shopping reached an all-time high during this time, with people being guided by buying impulse. Businesses needed an organic boost to their website traffic, and this was possible due to social media platforms, especially Instagram for product-based businesses and LinkedIn for service-based businesses. 

And It’s A Wrap!

Social media platforms were perhaps the only source of income for several businesses, especially the ones without any website. There are so many businesses that rely entirely on their physical stores, and these businesses were affected the most during the lockdown. Naturally, social media boosted sales for these businesses and made people aware of the individual brands in such cases.

In the meantime, tell us your thoughts and experiences (if you have any) in the comments section below.

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