Fiat to Digital Currency Exchange – An Optimum Option for New Investors

With the emergence of fiat to digital currency exchange services, people now can easily become part of the cryptocurrency market. Digital currency exchange is a business that permits crypto enthusiasts to buy, sell and trade digital crypto money for other coins and assets with fit currency. Exchanges may also allow credit card transactions, wire or bank transfers, which make it easier for the people, whether they owned crypto before or not. However, cryptocurrency exchanges are also considered as market makers or as a matching platform, while charging fees for each service. Moreover, some crypto brokerages also focus on the assets like stocks and let customers purchase them from wallets transactions but restrict them to withdraw profits into personal wallets.

Best Digital Coin Investment Option To Watch for in 2022

There are heaps of cryptocurrencies, NFTs, digital coins, and tokens. Among them, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, and some others are becoming the reason for this sector’s popularity. Therefore, it’s forecasted that the cryptocurrency industry will touch $3474.1 million by 2030 with a CAGR of 30.32%. However, to help you become a part of this ever-growing industry here is the insight into some cryptocurrencies that you should watch to invest in.


The first digital coin was created in 2009, by Satoshi Nakamoto, is called Bitcoin. Its market capacity is over $730 billion, the highest of all digital currencies. Like every cryptocurrency, bitcoin also develops, mines, and runs on blockchain’s distributed ledger. However, to maintain the security standards, each addition of nodes on the distributed ledger is verified through solving the cryptographic puzzles. Thus, the whole verification process is called proof of work, through which the bitcoins are kept secure and protected from external or internal breaches. In 2016, bitcoin was worth $500, but as of Feb. 1, 2022, the cost of each bitcoin was over $38,000, which is a significant increase of about 7,600%.

Ethereum (ETH)

For both Cours blockchain platforms and as a digital currency, Ethereum has become one of the significant programs for developers. With the market capacity of over $327 billion along with the inheritance of crucial potential to create applications, like smart contracts that are coded to execute programs automatically when the conditions are met. Like Bitcoin, the price of Ethereum has also spiked. Therefore, the price of ETH has spiked by 25,000% from April 2016 to February 2022.

Cardano (ADA)

ADA coin is among the most recently created cryptocurrencies. It is important for embracing (POS) proof-of-stake validation. Its market capacity is over $35 billion. This POS makes the transaction faster and limits the energy usage, by eliminating the problem solving of transactions for verification. The ADA coin has gained global attention as compared to other newly emerged tokens. Its value in 2017 was $0.02, but in Feb 2022 it reached $1.05 with an increase of 5,150%.

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Crypto Online Exchange – Benefits of Buying with a Credit Card

Carrying out transactions with credit cards is considered one of the most convenient ways of buying digital currencies. However, crypto-verse has been immensely increased in the past few years, as more than 4,000 crypto coins are in circulation. Moreover, cryptocurrencies were very hard to buy, but as cryptocurrency exchanges are now accepting fiat currencies, buying crypto with credit cards is becoming mainstream.


Easy and Robust

Buying cryptocurrency through credit card transactions is quite an easy and robust process, even the beginner can get through with it. However, every digital assets exchange has deployed the step by step guidelines for the customers that help them to easily understand the know-how of using credit cards for buying cryptocurrencies. In addition to this, the platform interfaces are also designed in a way anyone can easily use the services in a seamless manner.


Secure and Reliable

Mostly the cryptocurrency exchanges that are providing fiat to digital currency exchange services have a set of rigid customer and transaction verification systems in the house that can robustly authenticate the investor before getting them on board. However, once the customers add the credit card as a payment option, they need to again verify themselves. Thus, the transactions remain secure. You can also try investing in cryptocurrency with the help of Swyftx, they offer different secured payment options for you. 


Seamless Transactions

Conventional currencies can be directly deposited into bank accounts that can be used to buy cryptocurrencies. Moreover, the customers are not required to integrate their credit cards, rather they just need to update the balance in the bank account, so that transactions can be made for purchasing cryptocurrencies. Crypto investors in the past didn’t have these seamless services which made it harder for them to buy digital currencies. However, now with credit card services, the whole buying process has become frictionless.

Final Thoughts 

The global adoption of cryptocurrencies and their acceptance as legal tender by businesses is driving this sector to prosper immensely. However, with the emergence of fiat to digital currency exchange services, it’s becoming easier for investors to buy and sell cryptocurrencies. Thus, with the current pace, its expected cryptocurrencies will take over conventional money.

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