Philip Anandraj Shares Top Hotel Marketing Strategies to Attract Customers

As we know that the hotel industry provides lodging services to its customers and is related to the hospitality industry. Philip Anandraj knows there are different categories to categorize hotels, like size, function, services, and price. But today, hotels can’t sustain themselves as good hotels by providing services alone. There should be a proper marketing strategy to increase their customers and business. Hotel marketing is about developing a strategy with an online presence.

Nowadays, whenever a customer is looking for a hotel, he can easily search on online websites and gather information about your hotel. Customers also research your hotel about online reviews. The role of hotel marketing strategy plays an important role in helping hotels stay in this highly competitive market in these extremely tough times. The right hotel marketing strategies help you to maintain the quality of service, reputation, and bookings. Philip Anandraj a renowned hotelier stated some effective marketing strategies given below:

Chat-based systems: 

Today, personalized services like voice or chat-based systems for your customers in your hotel have created a big impact on the customers because each customer has different requirements and different needs. You should understand your customers in your hotel to make your hotel the best in hospitality service. Chat-based services can provide smoother communication between your staff. And staff can easily give good service with diversity to your customers and meet their requirements. Also, you can offer some extra facilities or features to make them happy and create trust in your brand.

Targeting the right audience: 

First and foremost, you should know the type of hotel you have for marketing and who your particular customer is. Everyone books differently; they have different budgets and the etiquette of travel is also different. That’s why you should use some tools to categorize your guests as per their needs. Make a difference between the low budget customer and the high budget customer and offer them the right choices at a discounted price. Philip Anandraj says you should consider this before starting your marketing campaign. Also, you should separate your customers into multiple groups and send your marketing campaign messages accordingly. Many tools are there to help you improve your campaign.

Create a great hotel website: 

First and foremost, you should create a good website that is user-friendly and easy to use on mobile devices. This gives you an advantage over other hotels. Customers can easily access your website and have a look at which services you provide for them.

Make use of social media:

 Social media is the most important tool for marketing campaigns and it is used in a variety of ways. Younger generations share their travel stories online and they mention all the details. When anyone uses your hotel names on social media, you should engage with the customer for two-way communication. Create a social media page for your hotel so that customers can leave reviews about their experiences and services on social media. Social media is encouraging customers to interact online.

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Safety measures in your hotels and highlight them:

 Because of the COVID-19 threat, your marketing campaign should include safety and hygiene measures throughout the hotel. You should adhere to the COVID-19 guidelines and reassure them of your safety.

Build local partnerships:

 Most likely, your hotel is surrounded by shops, restaurants, a yoga center, and many more. You should make contact with them, build a partnership and relationship, and lastly, each of you should promote the other. You can easily offer customers discounted food in local shops, and this type of marketing increases your booking rate rapidly.

Ensure good customer service: 

At first, you hired trained staff with a customer-friendly mentality. Trained staff create an impact on customers with their services. If your customer is dissatisfied with your service, then a well-timed apology impacts the customer’s mood and shows them how much you value their complaints.

Use influencer marketing:

 Influencer marketing is one of the best tactics for hospitality marketing. An influencer can promote your hotel, attract many potential customers, and convince them to stay at your hotel. Customers are more likely to believe them because they have a reputation and a fan base, and they also have knowledge of a specific domain that helps you with marketing by sharing your hotel information on their social media pages and interacting with your fans.

Take a virtual reality tour of your hotel: 

Previously, people were concerned about their hotel rooms after booking them. They didn’t check their room until they came to the hotel. But now, virtual reality has broken this barrier, and customers can easily experience their room and hotel premises via VR. VR is a device that gives you an interesting tour of your hotel, and you can gather information about your hotel that is valuable to you. Through this process, a transparent environment is created.

Philip Anandraj hotelier believes that a customer-engaging marketing campaign is a key to increasing your business. Proper marketing with efficient staff can easily impact your business, and the hospitality industry is all about customer satisfaction. If your customer is dissatisfied with you, then you have to pay the price for this. Proper communication and engagement can create a huge impact.

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