Does Your Wi-Fi Modem Affect Internet Speeds: 5 Things You Should Know


We have all been there…!

That ‘Frustrating’ moment when the slow wifi connection is crawling like a snail in the garden across all your devices.

  • Never-ending loading screen.
  • Audio and video buffering.
  • Or simply ‘you do not have access to the internet.’

The whole process of slow internet can be really frustrating, especially when you are downloading your favorite movies and TV shows from

Although this problem is great, the solutions are quite simple. But before you can get the solutions in place, as they say, you have got to identify the problems first!

Today, we will discuss the problem of experiencing a slow internet connection and see whether the Modem can affect the internet speed.

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Things That Might Slow Your Home WiFi Network

Your internet speed is as good as your WiFi Plan. That means, if your ISP advertises their services with 400 Mbps, that’s the maximum speed you can get from the connection.

However, the only way you can get the maximum speed out of your plan is to have all your equipment in the right place—for instance, your Modem.

A modem is an electrical device that connects your system with an internet connection. If something is wrong with your Modem, it will affect the speed.

Let’s see how your Modem affects the internet speed.

1. Too Many Connected Devices

Today, homes are not just simple homes. Instead, they have become smart houses.

Our homes are increasingly filled with IoT devices, IP Cameras, remote control home appliances, smart voice assistance, and even robot vacuum cleaners.

Every Modem has a certain capacity and can support only a limited number of devices. If that number increases, you will see a significant fall in internet speed.

If you are experiencing a slow internet connection, there is a possibility that your Moden is no longer able to support the multiple devices’ load.

2. Modem Translate Signals

Depending on your internet connection type, you will have different internet connection lines coming to your house.

The different connection lines offer the same signal to the house and office. But the devices aren’t able to use the analog signal directly.

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That’s where the Modem comes in!

The Modem’s job is to take the direct analog signal of the internet connection for your system to understand it!.

If your Modem is lacking behind in the translation, it will affect your network speed.

3. Modem Can Limit Your Internet Speed

You might not know this fact, but Modem can affect your internet speed. This is because every Modem comes with pre-set capability. That means, no matter what happens, the Modem cannot outperform that capability.

That being said, if your Modem comes with 100 Mbps capability, you cannot boost its performance to 200 Mbps.

The internet speed is capped at 100 Mbps!

4. Modem Cannot Boost The Internet Speed

As we have already said, Modem comes with pre-set capabilities. That doesn’t mean the output will be its max all the time.

Let’s say the capability of your Modem is 100 Mbps, and the internet speed you are getting is 80 Mbps. The output speed of the internet will be 80 Mbps.

The best way to understand the Modem is to compare it with a water pipeline. The water pipeline comes with a certain circumference. If you pass less water, the pipe will only pass the amount you have passed.

But try to force water more than its capacity; you will be able to pass only the maximum capacity of the pipe.

5. Look For Loose Connection

This is one of the most overlooked mistakes.

Whenever people face the problem of slow internet connection, they check all the settings and devices but forget to look for the loose peripherals.

A loose peripheral can signal the system about errors and can significantly affect your internet speed.


When analyzing the speed of the internet, most people don’t even look at their Modem. But, the truth is that your Modem is one of the most important pieces that complete your internet connection.

Without it, you wouldn’t be able to access the Internet!

This article has discussed how Moden is important for the internet connection and affects your internet speed.

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