Top 5 Reasons Why Everyone Must Use a VPN

Everyone has a big concern about their privacy and safety while using the internet. VPN refers to Virtual Private Network. It started in 1996 when a Microsoft employee developed a peer-to-peer protocol known as (PPTP), that improved over the years to the current layer two tunneling protocol (L2TP), which is more secure but unfortunately slower.

Nowadays, VPN has become more popular because many people don’t trust their Internet Service Providers. However, VPN could be useful not just for security purposes but for many other services, like watching some content, hiding your IP address, and so on.

This article will discuss how VPN services can help you keep your online connection private and secure. Go here if you are looking for the best VPN service.

Privacy and security

Different websites store your public data as you browse them. In addition to that, your ISP can easily see your traffic, what sites you are visiting, your IP address, and your location. The right VPN will help you encrypt your data and hide your actual IP address from the websites you visit.

Also, VPN protects your sensitive information from hackers, especially when using a public WIFI hotspot. Hackers won’t be able to do anything with your encrypted data. However, if you care about privacy, you should start using a VPN with a 256-bit (AES) encryption algorithm, No DNS leak, and No logging policy.

Bypass blocked websites

Sometimes, when you surf the internet, you come across a blocked website that you badly need to access, this could be annoying, and the best way to bypass it is to use a VPN service. For example, If you are a student, you may notice that you can’t access some websites like Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter due to your school internet policy, and the easiest way to access those restricted websites is to use a VPN service. It can help solve it by giving you another IP address located in a different country.

Bypass restricted content

Streaming platforms may not show all videos they have due to licensing issues in your country. However, VPN could solve this problem with a single click. Just turn on your VPN and have fun watching all your favorite videos, but make sure to select a country where this content isn’t restricted.

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Avoid ISP throttling

This happens when your ISP limits your speed on specific services you use, for instance, a torrent. ISP throttle your connection for many reasons like network congestion and forbidden activity. The trick here is to encrypt your traffic. VPN encrypts your traffic, so ISP can’t know the websites you visit, and you are free to use the internet without any browsing or activity limits.

Get better offers!

Many websites offer their products at different prices according to your location. So, with a VPN service, you can change your location and search for a better offer; in other words, saving money is what we try to do every day, and a VPN app could help you with that.

By using a VPN service, websites won’t know your actual location because you are visiting websites using a VPN server in another country. You can find significant discounts on many items like software subscriptions or hardware products.


VPN is one of the essential apps you should download; if you care about privacy, then using a VPN service is a must, and you should take it seriously. Especially if you like working outside and constantly need access to public networks, many VPN service providers offer multiple-device subscriptions to use VPN on your mobile phone and laptop.

It is not just for privacy, but it can help you access any content you want with an average speed connection, especially if you have trust issues with your internet service provider. Using VPN adds a defense line to protect your sensitive data and keep hackers away. So, make sure to use a powerful VPN that suits your needs.

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