Cryptos Other than Bitcoin , Who Shook the World !

One world that  flashes all the way after Crypto is “Bitcoin” , But is bitcoin the only Cryptocurrency ??? Have you ever  heard of the term “Altcoins” ??  Yes, the Alternates of Bitcoin are altcoins most popular among the alts are Chainlink , XRP, Dogecoin, ETC . Haves you ever heard of why did  remain talk  of the town , Let dog on this and know more


Firstly , not every trader will be able to invest in bitcoin . On the Go people start showing their interest in  all other tradable cryptos.Many Altcoins (not Bitcoin and sometimes Ethereum ) are classified broadly depending on use cases and  functionalities , and may sometimes be called as value tokens.

Today, while many users of crypto understand and appreciate these differences, traders and lay investors may not notice the difference, as all categories of token tend to trade in the same way on crypto exchanges .

1.Chainlink :

Chainlink is basically a decentralized network operated via oracles. This token provides information from off blockchain sources to on blockchain sources .It has set up all waves in the crypto world attracting attention of investors , defi companies , blockchains and big financial players like Google and SWIFT .Chainlinks Technology aims to solve all the biggest  problem of the real the world  .Link connects  the real time data to the blockchains. Additionally , In year 2022 Chain Link has a lot of more practical application to be released ,Link token might hit new milestones

2.Ripple’s XRP :

Ripple was never designed to be the currency or a medium of exchange. Instead a commodity with numerous use cases.Interestingly you can find people using Ripple’s XRP  to purchase hot sausages , jewellery and many other vendors dealing with it.Despite the allegations  between SEC and Ripple the token is not behind in the race . Looks like it has geared up in the battle and SEC might take some feet behind . In the  year 2022 , XRP is expected to head over the next update releases.


While the trend was set around the “Saturday Night Live and Elons  Attendance  in the show “ , Dogecoin was also the talk of the town , surged for more than 200%in the bull cycle. With not many use cases Doge is usually used  for tipping payments With a lot of ups and downs in the market trends. Doge the meme coin stood out the most promising among top 15 crypto according to coinmarketcap.But the much awaited action will dogecoin up in 2022 ?

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How Dogeocoins Work?

Dogeco was created by cryptographers Billy Markus and Peter Hahle. In 2021, it was launched as a joke by two cryptographers. Dogeco is a highly popular, fast-growing digital currency that is based on the joke that a dog can trade for a dollar and do so with ease. This can be compared to other Internet currencies, like Peerco or Lydian Money. It was later taken up by investors and entrepreneurs. Dogeco has a unique system of releasing doges, which are referred to as “digital doges”.

The joke revolves around a dog that has no memory and no means to get money from his owner. A doge is a coin that can be exchanged for a dollar bill. Dogeco uses denominations ranging from one to four, with each doge equaling one US dollar. Digital doges are issued with a serial number starting with a G. D. No physical doge is ever issued. Dogecoin’s popularity has increased since it was first introduced with a four-month period in circulation, which was later raised to a year in circulation.

4.Ethereum Classic 

Ethereum Classic provides a permissionless way to manage digital assets without the need for intermediaries, such as banks and other institutions.

Also it allows uncensorable smart contracts to be written, deployed and executed; ETC enables truly unstoppable programmable money.It allows developers to build and deploy smart contracts—autonomous, self-executing code blocks that trigger certain actions based on predefined conditions.

Is it really surprising about the much awaited Ethereum Classic ‘s updates in 2022 and the following forecast.

With almore more that 21,000 altcoins now listed in coinmarketcap , a very few of them have the real existing use cases.The above features are  some of those who have huge rallies to be taken part in , with new fundamentals to be implemented.

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