4 best mattresses to buy in Singapore for a comfortable sleep

Are you staying in Singapore or want to come to Singapore? If you do then the first thing you need is a good rest and sleep. For that, you will need a good mattress. Mattresses have all kinds of fabric and filling that you need to choose correctly. Buy mattresses in Singapore here is the list of the best mattresses to buy in Singapore.

1) Black Diamond Ultra-Cool Latex ViroClean Antimicrobial Responsive Micro Spring

This is a high-end mattress that can bring you an optimal sleep combination of luxurious materials and antibacterial technology. Built with several layers to give you maximum support and comfort. This antibacterial technology is certified to reduce up to 98.43% of bacteria. The mattress feels constantly cool due to the combination of Black Diamond treated natural latex and hybrids of micro springs.

  • Made with Tencel super soft fabric
  • Antistatic and comes with pocketed coil technology
  • 16″ mattress with 3 sizes ( super king, king size, and queen-size )

2) Naturally Hypoallergenic Natural Latex Responsive Coil Support

Comes with a combination of super-soft cool fabric with 100% antimicrobial technology and a thick natural latex topper. The layers are made of Tencel which are extracted from eucalyptus wood pulps. This fabric will absorb moisture and release it back to reduce mold and bacterial growth making it static-free without any electrostatic buildup. This mattress also keeps you cool all the time.

  • Comes with premium pocketed spring
  • Antistatic and made with Tencel and natural latex
  • 15.5″ mattress with 3 sizes ( super king size, king size, and queen-size )

3) Float Adjustable Bed With Natura Mattress And USB Ports

A smart bed with a motorized base. Comes with USB charging ports and functional dual pockets on both sides. Use the remote control to adjust your bed to your wanted height both for your head and for your feet. This will give the support your neck and back need. This bed is perfect for those having heartburn, swollen feet, and backache. This quiet and smooth feature not only takes care of your body but also gives you a quiet rest and sleep.

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A combination of latex topper, pocketed spring base support and soft bamboo fabric gives the cool and comfort you need for a night of better sleep. Bamboo is one of the best fabrics for beds because it has natural antibacterial qualities, has higher moisture absorption features, and is very strong.

  • Made with cooling natural bamboo fiber
  • Comes with premium pocketed spring, thick natural latex, and is antimicrobial
  • 9″ mattress in 2 sizes ( king and single )
  • Bed height is 300 mm

4) Silver Fresh Antistatic Natural Latex Responsive Coil Support

This mattress was developed which incorporates antistatic technology weaved with silver fresh fabric yarns. The surface of the textile yarn is bonded permanently with non-toxic silver making it very high electroconductive. Siver is also known to break the bonding of bacteria’s cells making them fall apart easily. Silver also eliminates odor-causing allergens. The combination of natural latex topper and pocketed spring support base will give you a night of good sleep.

  • Comes with silver fresh antistatic yarn
  • Made with high resilience polyurethane foam
  • It is antimicrobial, comes with natural latex and premium pocketed springs
  • 13″ mattress in 3 sizes ( King size, queen size, and super king size )
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