Why You Should Get a Ute Tray Cover Instantly

Considering the Australian landscapes, the ute is one of the most functional vehicles you can own. Widely popular in the continent as personal and professional automobiles, the ute offers multiple benefits, such as high resale value and slower depreciation. 

One such benefit is the addition of the ute tray. The tray can easily help increase the storage capacity, thus offering greater practicality for all sorts of tradespeople. 

But an open ute tray can expose the loaded goods to unexpected weather changes or even thieves. You need to get your vehicle accessorised and invest in a durable ute tray cover to counter this issue.

Saves Fuel 

Fuel consumption is one of the key driving factors that affect the purchasing decision for any vehicle. However, adding a ute tray will also help lower the amount spent on fuel. 

While it might seem a little strange to you, the ute tray cover helps reduce the air drag experienced by the vehicle. This further improves the overall fuel economy, and studies show that a cover can reduce the drag by a whopping 10%. 

Secures the Ute Bed

Whether you are making a stop at the hardware store or having a fun night out with your friends, leaving the ute bed open can encourage thieves to help themselves. This way, you can even end up losing some of the precious work tools, personal items, or even customer’s goods. Also, it is against Australian law to leave your ute tray elements unsecured.

Securing the ute with a proper cover will keep the vehicle and all the loaded goods safe from unwanted elements. You can even consider getting a cover with a locking mechanism for improved security. 

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Protects Against Bad Weather

Considering the geographical landscape, it is not unusual for the weather to change suddenly. Unexpected rain can hinder your work plans and even ruin the stuff loaded in the ute bed. All boxes or fabric bags will absorb the entire water, ultimately destroying the shipment as a whole. 

Ute bed covers are mainly designed to combat any such weather changes and protect your goods from water or dust particles. 

Gives the Ute a Sleek Look

There have been a lot of changes in ute tray cover designs over the past few years. Newer pieces are better looking and give the vehicle a more sophisticated and streamlined look. Apart from that, the trays are also very easy to install. 

You can also opt for customised ute bed covers that can be installed within an hour or less. Leaving the ute tray open can tamper with the entire look, especially when random packages and toolboxes are lying in the open tray.

The Bottom Line

Ute is considered a practical vehicle all over Australia due to multiple reasons. It strikes the right balance between comfort and sports-utility. It gives better fuel efficiency and is ideal for all kinds of drivers. 

Ute trays are open bed like structures attached to the back of the vehicle. This feature finds its practical use in carrying or transferring heaving materials, and it might include some home furniture or even work materials. 

Open ute trays are often susceptible to thieving or damages caused by unexpected weather changes. Installing an ute tray cover will make your ute look more streamlined and improve its overall security. 


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