Roller Bearings Distributor: Selecting the Appropriate Bearing Type to Suit the Job

It could be that you are to buy bearings for the machines that are employed in your business. Selecting the right type of bearings is very much crucial for smooth functioning of the machines and increase productivity.

Type of bearings

  • brand ball bearings
  • angular contact
  • deep groove
  • spherical roller
  • self-aligning
  • thrust ball
  • taper roller
  • roller

Doing some research on the web will allow you to come across more types available in the market these days. The type of bearing to purchase will entirely depend on different factors that you need to consider. It includes the type of load to carry, load nature, life expectancy, shaft speed and nature of environment. The friendly and experienced customer service executives can help you with your selection and purchase.

Typical uses of bearings

The certified roller bearings supplier can supply easily different types of bearings to be used in different kinds of machineries. Ball bearings are the perfect choice for small machines. They are designed to work on high speeds. For heavy loads, roller bearings are to be invested in.

Specifications for other bearing types

  • Angular Contact: They are designed to support thrust and radial loads including heavy thrust loads. The bearings are fitted with larger contact angles to manage heavy loads.
  • Deep groove: They are used to manage both radial and thrust loads. The latter can be about two-thirds of that of radial load. You may contact the roller bearings distributor to get your supply of bearings of choice.
  • Spherical: They are just perfect to carry heavy radial loads but with moderate thrusts. Its included self-aligning ability is termed to be useful for various applications. HVAC fan is one such classic example.
  • Self-aligning: Radial loads mostly use such bearing types, where there is desired self-alignment. While selecting such bearing types, you need to take extreme care to prevent potential failure. The reputed brand ball bearings distributor will provide you with the right choice on knowing your specific requirements.
  • Taper bearings: These are common heavy radial and thrust loads. It has been designed in a manner to ensure that the elements in the rolling surface and raceway intersect. It is possible to alter bearings for preload if there is desired top system rigidness. SKF 7210 BECBM bearings do make favourite choices among many industries.
  • Cylindrical: These bearings tend to use cylinders, but of specific diameter and length as rolling elements. They are a wonderful choice for free axial shaft movement and heavy radial loads.
  • Straight-roller bearing: They feature short roller series to reduce scuffing that result as the rollers make twisting movements. They are a great choice for medium speeds and loads. Angular Contact Ball Bearings are also commonly used.
  • Thrust bearings: They are used mainly for lower-speed applications while other bearings are to carry radial loads.
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Contacting the leading SKF bearings distributor will enable you to get your choice of bearings and improve production.

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