Why Staff Augmentation Model Is a Viable Alternative To Hiring Talent Especially For Startups

When an in-house workforce lacks expertise in a specific field or needs to scale up in human resources, a company has to opt for either outsourcing or the staff augmentation model.

In simple words, the seasonal recruitment of skilled professionals in a particular project is defined as Staff Augmentation.

Staff Augmentation allows companies to hire an individual(s) temporarily, that too on flexible and short-term contracts.

Benefits of Hiring via the Staff Augmentation Model

It saves two of the most valuable resources required for running a business, time and money.

Moreover, it works wonders for startups because hiring employees permanently on a long-term basis requires a lot of funding. This, in turn, results in creating economic hurdles for startups, which are already running on a monetary deficit in general cases.

Flexible in Terms of Hiring Talents

One of the best characteristics of this model is that it’s customizable as per the company’s demands, whether in terms of budgeting or just the size of the workforce.

Payment plans can be negotiated with the augmented vendor, which allows you to pay according to your condition- monthly, weekly, etc.

It is also a pocket-friendly model if you constantly need to change the number of experts you need. So, if you start with a certain number of developers at first but want to cut down the size afterward, it’s all possible through augmentation.

No Third-Party Interruption

Staff augmentation allows you to contact the developers directly over management project portals like Trello etc.

Tasks can be assigned and, after that, submitted on the same platform, thereby facilitating better communication without the intervention from the company enabling the process of staff augmentation.

Affordability and Better Results

Since the augmented staff is generally offered at hourly rates, it’s a much more affordable option than paying the in-house full-time employees.

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Moreover, a company can instantly let go of personnel if they see that their expectations are not being met and then carry forward with a better replacement for the same position. Therefore, it helps the company’s investment costs from washing down the drain.

Even large-scale companies are open to staff augmentation nowadays. However, it is especially beneficial for startups that have barely set their foundation. The lowered risk factor of hiring a seasonal staff is quite enabling for such businesses.

Other than that, it helps pool in a significant amount of talent and knowledge that pre-existing employees may lack. As these individuals work in their respective domains of expertise, they can generate better results and productivity.

Therefore, choosing Staff Augmentation to hire talent is an efficient move in the present scenario.

But the only problem with the model is searching for the right IT outsourcing company to onboard the required talent. The reason is that this one decision can make or break the future of your up and coming project.

This is why factors like trust, market experience, years of operation, team size, portfolio, and more are to be checked before making a final call as to which staff augmentation firm you’re going with.

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