Grow Your Tech Business Using Videos

The way digital marketing is picking up to shape one’s business is beyond imagination. Nowadays, people prefer to watch a video than read an article or go through the website to know about a brand or product. The popularity of video content is growing fast and several paybacks come along with adding video content to your business model. So, before you decide on making video content, you need to take care of a few crucial aspects.

Determine Your Goals 

When creating your business marketing video, the first thing you should do is determine your goals. Where do you see your business after a few years? What outcome do you expect by publishing brand videos on your website or on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube platforms? Although there are several things one can accomplish with their videos, a few of the common goals are:

  1. Boosting brand awareness
  2. Growing lead lists
  3. Increasing sales

Video advertisement is 400 times more effective compared to image advertisement. But remember that digital marketing is practical-oriented and industry-specific. Marketing strategies vary from industry to industry.

Your Best Content

Remember that content is the backbone of the ad in any form of advertisement. So, choose the right content when you are making a video. To keep your tech business floating successfully, you need to keep your customer engaged in your blog or company. Therefore, make sure they represent your brand and company when creating a video. The content in your videos should act as your company’s brand ambassadors.

Viral Video Technique

It would be great if you could make your video go viral. Viral videos are those videos where brands make collaborative content that touches a large section of the audience. Many such videos have hit the bulls’ eyes and brands have made millions out of such viral videos.

Types of Video Advertisements

  1. Video advertisement: In this, you can use multiple images & put them together in a sequence and convert them into a video using an online video editor & use those videos on various social media platforms.
  2. Live video advertisement: You can go live online and talk about your brand, product, and the services you provide. Sometimes, the written word on a blog or website just doesn’t get that much attention as it should. But posting a video is the perfect way to capture the attention of the audience. A live video can attract the audience more than a simple image on the website or portal. But again, content is the critical factor. Make sure you cover all points in a short time as not many would be interested in listening to or watching your video for a long time, especially when you are not a known brand.

You can host or go online and keep a section for Ask Me Anything (AMA) sessions about your brand. These sessions will help you to increase your followers. You may end up getting new visitors who want to know more about your brand and about the people behind the scenes. Use this occasion to engage with your spectators and put your value proposal on show.

  1. Influencer video advertisement: There is no dearth of social influencers. Choose the right influencer for your company. They can make a small Instagram reel talking about your brand and product and post it on their social media accounts for their followers to review.
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It is time for you to convert your followers or mass audience into cold audiences. Cold audiences are those people who may be interested about your brand / product but don’t know much about your brand. In digital marketing, you need to gain the trust of the people to sell your brand or product.

And that is not going to happen if you post only one video on social media. You must keep posting videos and keep in conversation with the audience. Don’t expect that you will get clients immediately. It is a long and steady process. So, it is necessary to make sure that your cold audience keeps coming back to your website or watch your video. But to bring them to your website time and again, you need to keep posting videos with good content and ensure that this cold audience will soon convert into a mild audience.

You need to gradually convert your mild audience into your hot audience by giving them personalised services such as coupon discounts, combo packs or promotional offers to attract them. Although they may not respond immediately, keep updating them about your brand/product by posting new video reels. Keep the thumb rule of ‘the shorter, the better’ when creating videos. By giving them personalised services, those hot customers will get converted into paying audiences soon. In some time soon, these very paying audiences will get you more customers.

Review Feedback and Revise the video

You need to revive or revamp your blog or website every day. Give your customers/clients a getaway to reach you, be it via your website, comment section, or a feedback form. Based on your customer feedback, revive your videos. Give them a fresh look or create a new video look and post it at your social platforms and website. Nothing happens overnight. Keep your audience busy by posting amazing, interesting, content-based videos for them to look back at, or visit your website time and again.


Video marketing is here to stay. If you want to grow your tech business to the next level using videos, start planning and working on creating videos in artistic ways. But remember one thing: give them what you promise. Making beautiful videos or posting colourful images with excellent write-ups, but without a good product, wouldn’t help your brand in the long run. The quality of your brand or product is ultimate. Hence, maintain the quality, standard, and services. These points will gain you a loyal customer base, which will make your brand super successful.

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