Who can take out a multi-car insurance policy?

Amongst the many different insurance policies available today, one popular policy that might be perfect for you is multi-car insurance.

That being said, with so many different things to consider when taking out this policy, it’s likely there are a load of questions you want answered before you switch to multi-car insurance.

For example – who can take out a multi-car insurance policy? Does this include you?

Read on, as we’ll answer this question, along with many other FAQs surrounding multi-car insurance at Lemonade Car, or your chosen provider….

Who can take out a multi-car insurance policy?

A multi-car insurance policy can be taken out by anyone who owns multiple cars in their state of residence, and needs coverage for each of them.

As with any insurance policy, most states require a minimum age of 18 to enter this legal agreement. As well as this, all the vehicles need to be insured under the same name and address.

What is a multi-car insurance policy?

A multi-car insurance policy is a unique type of car insurance that allows you to cover multiple cars under one policy.

For most standard insurance types, each individual car has their own policy which provides coverage. With multi-car insurance, the process of coverage is similar, except rather than covering one car under the policy, you can cover multiple. For most insurers, this is limited to four vehicles.

How does multi-car insurance work?

Multi-car insurance works as most other policies do, in the way they offer customizable coverage for your cars, according to the protection you need for each vehicle.

This policy simply enables you to manage the coverage of multiple cars, instead of one, meaning one insurer, one point of contact, and one renewal date for each car. Despite this, you’ll still have the option to adjust each vehicle’s coverage individually.

To take out a multi-car insurance policy, simply contact your chosen provider, and get a quote. This will factor in various aspects, such as your driving history, your car, and your driving behavior.

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What are the benefits of multi-car insurance?

There are many benefits of multi-car insurance, including:

  • Discounted premiums for multiple cars

A key benefit of taking out a multi-car insurance policy is that you can receive discounted premiums for simply adding cars to your policy.

With standard insurance types, you’ll be quoted a certain premium cost that applies to your individual car. If you take out more than one policy for multiple cars, this process will be the same for each one.

However, with multi-car insurance, each time you add a car to your policy, it’ll be eligible for a multi-car discount – simply by being added to the policy.

This means you can receive cheaper premiums, just by including each car on one policy instead of individual ones.

  • Easier management of your policy

Another benefit of multi-car insurance is that you’re able to manage your cars and their coverage much easier, and with more efficiency.

With multiple policies taken out for each of your cars, you’ll have to go through the process of adapting each policy when you want to make changes to a car’s coverage. As well as this, you’ll also have to remember multiple renewal dates for each policy.

With multi-car insurance, all your cars’ coverages can be tracked and adjusted from one central policy and provider, and this includes only one renewal date for each cars’ coverage.

Also, just because each car is under the same policy, this doesn’t mean you can’t customize the coverage as you would with individual policies.

For example, if you have a more valuable car that’s driven often, you can give it extra coverage, whilst simultaneously giving a less valuable or frequently driven car the minimum coverage – all under the one policy.

With your FAQs answered for multi-car insurance, be sure to contact your chosen provider for a free quote, and to reap the rewards of your new multi-car insurance policy. 

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