12 Important Motorcycle Accessories Required for Every Two-Wheeler Rider  

Whether you’re just starting to ride the bike, or you have been riding it for a long time, you can still discover a lot about the world of motorcycles which is great. At the same time, the process of choosing the best online bike accessories for you is no longer a cumbersome process. Here, we’re going to tell you how to choose it in a simple way. 

In this blog post, we are going to talk about the most necessary motorcycle equipment that every rider must have on them while riding their motorcycles. Just like youbuy bike spare parts online for improving riding performance. Similarly, invest in the required motorcycle accessories to stay safe and enjoy your ride to the fullest.  

Invest in Must-Have Motorcycle Accessories for You  

Hand Grips 

Like most, the initial assumption was that hand grips could only serve as an ergonomic means to alleviate strain on my hands. 

Should you get put off by vibrating handlebars, you can opt for cushioned handgrips made with authentic leather which are available in multiple fits. 

Although they decrease vibration, handlebar wraps can usurp the anonymity of your bike from other bikers. 

Buy a Spray Gun 

How about washing a motorcycle using a pipe? You would gain a handle on a spray gun so you can pump water in the air and clean difficult-to-reach spots by the pipe through this force. 

A spray gun is a successive tool for every biker of the category of shining their motorbike and keeping them in a new state all the time. 

Aside from simply washing the motorcycle, a spray gun can further help you perform the cleaning process of different spaces and articles at home.  

Disc Brake Lock. 

Have you not experienced such a hey-fo ahead of parking your bike in a spooky area and just thinking about somebody snatching away your bike from there? 

It’s legit. A crook can so easily unlatch the handlebar lock. Therefore, it is of vital importance for you to invest in the disk brake lock. It helps lock the disk brake as well as your bike’s wheel to prevent moving in any direction.  

Mobile Stand Holder with Charger  

Whether you want to utilize GPS while riding a motorcycle or just want easy access to the phone when riding at a slow speed, investing in a mobile stand holder with a charger is a must for you.  

This pocket-soothing motorcycle accessory helps you charge the phone while riding. It even enables you to start the GPS to see locations and multiple directions with ease and comfort.  

Buy Gear Shift Pad 

Very rarely do most people perceive that shifting gears is dangerous. From long-term use, it automatically destroys the shoes you are wearing. Gears only fit moderate toe rubbing, as the front shifter levers lack adequate rubber covering. 

The Gear pad is the answer to every good driver who wants his/her shoes to last. 

On one hand, you will have to place the gear pad on the shoe, if you want to start the ride soon, whereas on the other – a pair of riding shoes will not just act as a gear pad, but also add a nice style to your riding appearance. 

Not only will help to protect the environment, but if so, you don’t want that hassle you can go for a shift sock which you put on the gear lever and forget about how to proceed. 

Motorcycle Tank Bag 

The shoulder bag is not the ideal choice for holding small stuff because every time you have to bear that heavy load for the sake of something so small. Investing in a motorcycle tank bag is an ideal option to carry small stuff while riding and that too without hurting your back and shoulders. 

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A small or mid-size motorcycle tank bag easily fits on the fuel tank of your motorcycle without involving you to get hold of it. You can carry another phone, GPS system, power bank, a pair of T-shirts, and track pants along with a small water bottle inside. Also, the transparent upside of the tank bag allows you to insert a phone into the same and switch on the GPS with ease.  

Throttle Hand Rest 

A throttle handrest that is very simple to get can be one of those Motorcycle accessories you can just buy. With this auxiliary content on your website, the flow will be saved for your hand’s throttling of the motor for a longer period. 

Rain & Dust Cover for Backpack 

Look at yourself missing the time for a raincoat and it starts to rain cats and dogs around you. This idea is difficult for you to behave friendly with what is going on. 

At this point borrowing a simple rain cover from that backpack may be enough to keep your stuff near the touch. 

You should not worry about guarding your crucial items such as a smartphone or laptop because the rain cover would shield them for you. 

Besides the fact that most waterproof backpacks are not rainproof, using a rain cover is a rather fundamental approach for that. 

Helmet Lock 

The problem is that you certainly don’t want to always put on a helmet in the city. It is a big inconvenience because it must be left somewhere safe, and it keeps you from moving a lot. 

The helmet can be securely installed on the motorcycle, and an intense lock, such as a heavy-duty theft lock, is the only way to avoid the stress of finding a safe spot to hook up the lock. 

 Anti-Puncture Sealant 

A bursting tire while you are on the course is more catastrophic than running out of gas. 

Due to the fact that someone in the same group may lend you fuel or even a bike, but nobody from another group will be at hand to help you with a puncture. 

You’ll have to continue riding your flat unless you come across an honest-to-practice repair shop. 

Ironically, it is a practical gel sealant for tires that will safeguard your ride if you can drive on cockle shells without worries. 

If for you, motorcycle touring is something that you do, the one single thing you must do later is maintain tyre sealing preventing punctures. 


The helmet should be the first piece of protection that should be in consideration. Protecting the brain is the main rule because the head is the most useful belonging in the world and it’s top of the mind is to never forget about it. Find the helmet that has to satisfy the safety regulations of your country and adjust properly to you. Go for extra features like a pre-installed visor, vice, or Bluetooth-connected phone for more comfort. 

Riding Gloves 

The quality gloves are not only to come into gripping and control but they also save your hands from the elements. Figure gloves are made of sturdy palms, knuckle protection, and waterproof material for best results and extended periods of loading. 


Buying the required online bike accessories ensures riding safety, comfort, convenience, and an unforgettable travel experience. Simply refer to the list of essentials you need for a seamless riding pleasure ahead. In light of this, eShop Hero MotoCorp is a trusted automotive eCommerce platform for two-wheeler owners to buy genuine parts and accessories. Here, you have the convenience of buying branded helmets, grip covers, side stands, seat covers, and the list goes on. 

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