What Things Drain Your Smartphone’s Battery?

Your smartphone’s battery never seems to last very long. You swear you just charged it up to full, but now the battery symbol in the top corner of your phone is flashing red. What’s draining your battery?

Find out some possible answers to your question.

Screen Brightness

One of the simplest things that can drain your smartphone’s battery is the screen’s brightness setting. You’ll use up more battery power with a high brightness setting. Conserve your phone’s energy by turning down the brightness or changing your screen settings to “night mode” or “dark mode.”

Out-of-Date System

When was the last time that you ran a system update? If you’ve skipped a few of your system updates, your battery could be paying the price. These updates are designed to patch up vulnerabilities in your system, which should keep your device safe from malware. It’s also designed to improve your system’s performance, making it run smoother and faster.

A system that’s up to date will put less strain on the battery, giving your phone power for much longer.


Some apps take a lot of battery to run. If you use these apps a lot (especially at the same time), you might find that your phone’s battery hovers close to empty all of the time. Take a look at the most common battery-draining apps that smartphone users have.

How can you deal with this problem? Check your phone’s battery settings to see what apps on your phone get the most usage. To conserve energy, limit your use of these apps and turn off their notifications.

The Weather

What’s the weather like outside? You might be surprised to learn that extreme cold drains batteries in smartphones and other tech. The same can be true in extreme heat — your phone can overheat and drain your battery power.

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In some cases, a draining battery could be a sign of hacking. Malware or spyware apps could be running in the background and taking up more energy than usual. You might not notice the malicious apps, but you might notice that your battery is close to 0% much earlier than you expect. Take a look at the other signs of smartphone hacking to see whether you’ve fallen victim to this terrible problem.  

A Dying Battery

And finally, if you find that you’re not making any of the above mistakes, your battery could be draining because it’s dying. You should go to your nearest tech repair shop and ask for a battery replacement. This is a fairly affordable repair, even when out of warranty. You can expect to spend $100 or less on the service.

If your smartphone is old or has a long list of other problems that need repairing, you might want to take your draining battery as a sign to move on. Say goodbye to your old smartphone and buy a budget-friendly replacement.

You can turn to your emergency fund to help you cover these urgent tech repairs or replacements. If you don’t have enough savings available, you could go to a website like Creditfresh.com/short-term-loans-online/ and see whether you’re eligible to apply. If you are, send in an application online and wait for an update about your approval status. With an approved short-term loan, you could use the borrowed funds to deal with your tech emergency soon after it happens.

You should only apply for this type of loan when it’s an emergency. If you can wait to scrounge up and save for your smartphone repair or replacement, you should do that.

Don’t ignore the signs that something is wrong with your battery. Find out what’s causing the drain and fix it.

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