What printing methods to use for Custom Flags?

Custom flags are an easy and affordable way to advertise your business, event or location. Custom flags give you the chance to choose from a vast color palette at a lower cost than other types of banner material. Custom made flags can be produced in any size so they fit every window and door!

How many Custom Flags do I need?

In order to effectively market your business with Custom Flags you have to know how they work. The best way for people to notice Custom Flags is by having the flag waving in the wind (preferably outside). A good rule of thumb is that you will want enough Custom Flag displays so that there is always one within view of any potential customers. For most businesses this means placing Custom Flag advertisements on both sides of the business. Custom Flags are usually small in size so that they can be easily seen, but just because the flag itself is small in size doesn’t mean it won’t catch any attention! Custom flags can range in size from 3 inches to 6 feet in length. Custom Flag displays will often attract even more attention if they are attached to Custom Flag Poles or Custom Flag Stands. You might also consider buying Custom Banners or Custom Tarpaulins to get your message out even further.

Custom made flags come with grommets on each corner of the flag for easy hanging. Also, most custom flag printing companies offer pole pockets for inserting Custom Flag Poles (1-2ft) into the back of the banner for more stability. This is a very popular option for Custom Flags because it allows the flag to be displayed on Custom Flag Poles that will extend your Custom Flag display further outward. Custom Flag Poles can also help Custom Flags stand out even more by rotating the flag display in the wind!

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Another advantage of custom flags is they are lightweight and easy to move from one location to another, which makes them perfect for temporary displays or for businesses that want to change locations often. Custom Flags are also great at outdoor events such as community fairs and business expos where you want people walking by to see your banner without having to stop and read an advertisement. Custom Banners would be better suited for this purpose because they tend to be larger and contain more detailed information about a product or service. Custom Flags will catch a lot of eyes but Custom Banners give you the chance to tell more about what they’ll be getting if they take action.

In my opinion Custom Flags have many advantages particularly that Custom Flags are easy and inexpensive to produce. Custom printing companies can print Custom Banners in any size, shape or color you want as long as it fits within their capabilities. Custom Flag Printing is done on vinyl instead of paper so there is no worry about damp weather destroying or blurring your message. Custom flag printing is also able to reproduce fine details very well which means high quality images look great on custom flags!

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Custom made flags are perfect for businesses looking for an effective marketing campaign at an affordable price, because Custom Flags combine the idea of Custom Banners and Custom Tarpaulins into one effective Custom Display. Custom Flags are also ideal for temporary use because they are lightweight, easy to hang with grommets or pole pockets, can be moved often and printed on inexpensive vinyl banner material. Whether you’re advertising a business location, event, product or service Custom Flags are an excellent means of getting your message in front of potential customers!

Custom Flag printing is done with specialized printers called Large Format Printers (LFPs). They are different than standard printers because they print large banners instead of paper documents. Businesses dealing in Custom Flags may also work in the Graphics Design, Printing or Signage industries. Custom Flag companies will typically use LFPs that produce high quality banners. Custom Flags, Custom Banners and Custom Tarpaulins are usually printed on Vinyl or Polyester material.

Many Custom Flag Printing companies also offer Custom Banner and Custom Tarpaulin printing services as well. Custom Banners and Custom Tarps can be used in addition to Custom Flags to highlight specific information about a product or service. Custom Banners are larger than Custom Flags but smaller than Custom Tarps, which means they are more visible from afar but still contain detailed information for people who stop to read the banner. For this reason I consider custom banners an excellent option for businesses looking to direct attention towards important details about their company or product while also catching the eyes of passers-by with their large size! A custom banner is a great way to get your message out there and Custom Flags are the perfect compliment for businesses looking for an effective, affordable marketing campaign.


Custom Flags and Custom Banners both have the advantage of being lightweight, inexpensive Custom Displays that are easy to set up and move when necessary. Custom Banners will typically be larger than Custom Flags but Custom Banners also contain more detailed information about a product or service while Custom Flags grab attention with high quality Custom Designs. If you’re looking for an effective means of advertising your company or products take a look at Custom Flags and Custom Banners!

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