What is the percentage of people who pass the PMP Examination?

Are you a working individual who wants to build your profession in project management? Or are you a knowledgeable project manager looking to show your knowledge and familiarity? If yes, then you should be setting up for PMP (Project Management Professional) certification. Now, before preparing for the PMP examination, usually, Project management training, PMP certification aspirants desire to know two questions i.e. what are PMP exam passing scores and PMP examination pass rate.

In this piece of writing, we will explain to you regarding the Project Management Professional examination, Project Management Professional passing score, Project Management Professional examination pass rate, & PMP pass rate. This will assist you to recognize the PMP certification exam, PMP passing score, & PMP exam pass rate in detail.

The PMP examination has 200 PMP questions out of which only 175 questions will be scored & the remaining 25 will be used in the future for testing through PMI. So, to pass you require getting 137 answers right. So, the PMP exam consists of a comprehensive curriculum and it needs well-planned learning to pass the examination in the first attempt.

Why a PMP Certification Is significant for Your Career

The PMP, also recognized as project management professional certification, is neutral confirmation of a person’s project management talents & ability. It is accepted globally and provides better career opportunities, trustworthiness, & better income for those who have got it.

As a PMP, a person can work in virtually some industry or location. While you have to complete a few steps to obtain it, it can be a rather great tool. Here are a number of reasons why the Project Management Professional certification can assist you to build your career successfully.

  1. It adds reliability to your skills.

As a holder of the PMP certification, you are an expert in this area of work. When looking for a job, this serves as specific proof of your capability & skills. Not only will your resume look more realistic, but you will also come off as a reliable professional to your potential employers and potential employees.

  1. It can boost your chances of getting hired.

The most excellent way for you to boost your chances of finding employment is to get your PMP certificate. It will assist you to stand out from the contest & get hired a lot faster.

  1. It can assist you to attain career growth.

The PMP certification course and training can assist you not just in finding lots of innovative skills regarding your occupation but also in expanding the mode you study & develop. These make the ideal foundation for you to keep growing and working your way to the top.

Know why is the PMP Certification Passing Rate So Low?

Well, there are three reasons for such a low passing percentage: PMP is a difficult exam. It requires good study, hard work, discipline, and firmness. Several aspirants do not use excellent study sources and ultimately fail the PMP examination.

The PMP examination is conducted only in the English language. However, people from all over the Globe try the exam. Several of them are non-English speakers. They are not competent to understand the English idioms and phrases properly. The examination becomes extra hard for these aspirants. There is a common opinion that the failure rate of people from non- English speaking nations is very high.

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PMI needs the passing rate to be below. And, you would also desire it to be low. Otherwise, if the examination was made simple, the reputation and authority of the certification would go down. And, PMP’s value in the work market would decrease.

PMP Passing Score

There is an ordinary perception that 61% is the PMP passing rate, but this is not an official score announced by PMI. In fact, there is no set PMP passing mark. The fact is that no two PMP applicants will get a similar set of questions. So, the passing scores will differ.

PMP examination Pattern vs. Exam Pass Rate

There are going to be a total of 200 MCQ in the PMP examination. You would be competent to gain only 175 numbers of questions. The 25 questions are considered the greatest questions, which won’t add to your PMP examination pass rate. These questions are considered investigational, which would be tested to check the strength in future examinations. They are supposed to be spotted across the examination. So, it isn’t possible to recognize which questions are experimental and which are not. You would have to manage all the questions with equal significance.

How to Qualify for PMP Certification

The PMP certification is planned for a knowledgeable project manager who meets specific requirements. First, they need to be competent to perform their duties under general supervision and manage to be liable for every facet of a project they are handling.

A qualified project manager needs to be proficient to direct their squad to manage its projects based on certain constraints. These generally consist of the schedule, budget, and resources in addition to the deadlines that might have been set by the manager.

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In addition to those qualities, the PMs also need to have adequate proficiency to apply a methodology to their projects & by extension to their teams. This comes through practice & hard work, and it will assist them to keep up with certain projects that have well-defined deliverables & requirements.

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What is the Project Management Professional Exam Pass Rate Now?

In the present state, when you come out for the PMP examination, test results will represent the expertise level i.e. whether the PMP candidate is ‘Proficient’ or ‘Moderately Proficient’ or ‘Below Proficient in all 5 domains. Now, you will not get to know the statistical percentage you have scored in all 5 domains.

PMP passing score is based on how you rank in all five Process Groups compared to the average global rankings of other examination takers & certified project management professionals.

It further guarantees that the examination is moderately done to offer project management statistics and overall industry familiarity assessments on a worldwide level.

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