Finding it Difficult to Form Sentences? Here’s What You Should Know

Every language has its own rules that determine how each grammatical component should be used and where it has to be placed. However, there are some things that are common for almost every language and they include words and sentences.

Now, if you are an English language user, you will definitely know that forming well-structured sentences is the key to making good conversations. So, if you are wondering how to form sentences that look and sound good, there are a few things you should definitely know and take care of.

Among the grammatical components that make a good sentence, there are some that are really important and cannot be avoided for any reason. The parts of speech are the very first grammatical component that has to be learnt and mastered. Unless you understand what each part of speech is, what their functions are and how they behave when placed in different parts of a sentence, you cannot employ them or make full and clever use of them in sentences.

The English language is very interesting in many ways. Sometimes, the same words can mean different things and even perform various functions. In some cases, even the position of a word in a sentence can decide what it would mean and how it would change the meaning of the sentence as a whole. The same is the case with the use of punctuation.

However, even among the eight parts of speech, there are some that play a very crucial role in the formation of a sentence. Nouns, pronouns and verbs are the primary parts of speech that are required to make up even the simplest sentence. Indeed, these are the ones that become the subject and predicate of a sentence. Verbs represent the action done by the subject in a sentence. Knowing the right verbs is really important, but what is more important is to know the difference between the various verb forms. This is because using the verbs in the base form in every sentence will not work or make sense. Using the right verb form to represent the various tenses is what will make your sentences look and sound accurate and sensible.

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Learning and using the language can be made a lot easier if you learn it the right way. Another way to master the use of any particular grammatical component or anything for that matter is to practise regularly. Make sure that once you learn what each part of speech is and how each verb form can be used, try making sentences on your own or even make conversations with people around you. Start reading short paragraphs, then some longer passages and analyse how each part of speech is used and why a particular verb form is used in a particular sentence or context.

So, what are you waiting for? Start right now. Look out for the best resources to learn and practise as many times as required until you get it right. Read, analyse, ask questions and get all your doubts clear. Become a pro, use different sentence structures, and make your writing and speech look and sound incredible.

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