What Is the Difference Between Digital Marketing and Internet Marketing

The development of information technology has led to the emergence of many areas in marketing. Thanks to new technologies, even National Casino is now available online. Now promotion in the online environment is a prerequisite for running a successful business, so Internet marketing is in demand in any of its areas. However, recently brands and companies are gravitating towards a broader direction of marketing: digital.

These two types are often confused because of the similarity of their instruments, but they still have several significant differences. In the article, we will tell you more about them.

What Is Internet Marketing?

The name itself implies that the promotion work will be carried out exclusively in the Internet space. This type of marketing has developed together with the global network, it uses only those tools and technologies that function online. Most of them form separate directions, which make up the extensive structure of Internet marketing.

It includes social media promotion, search engine optimization, contextual advertising, content and email marketing, Internet branding, etc.

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is a broader concept. It includes Internet marketing, as well as all methods of promotion on any digital media outside the network. This direction in marketing arose as a result of the spread and development of facts, gadgets, and wearable devices. In digital marketing, both online and offline channels are used comprehensively: digital television, mobile applications, SMS, radio, digital displays (terminals, interactive screens, billboards), printed advertising with QR codes, etc. At the same time, SEO, SMM, and other Internet marketing technologies are also actively used.

Digital Marketing vs Internet Marketing

The difference between these two directions is not only in the amount of tools. Digital and Internet marketing differ in the following parameters:

  • promotion channels;
  • interaction with the audience;
  • data collection, transmission, and processing.

We have already dealt with the first one: digital uses all digital channels in a complex, and Internet marketing is exclusively engaged in online promotion.

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The second difference is key: the format of communication with the audience in digital marketing is much more personalized. Its concept is to identify the client and track his behavior. The main goal here is to identify the real needs of a person and to understand his desires to offer the necessary product at the right time in the right place. As for Internet marketing, it focuses mostly on the distribution of advertising of products or services on the web and increasing traffic to the main website of the company. Online reach, traffic, and conversion are important to him. Hence the third difference — in analytics.

In Internet marketing, each channel used is evaluated in terms of the profitability of the efforts undertaken and compared with others to determine the most profitable. It relies mainly on coverage statistics, visits, and purchases.

In digital, the analysis is conducted at a deeper level. At the forefront are questions about why the user did or did not perform the target action and what needs to be done to save or correct this result.

The strategy of attracting and retaining in digital marketing is more complicated since the building of communication scenarios is carried out separately for different categories of consumers based on the study of their behavior from acquaintance with the brand to make an initial or repeated purchase.


We hope that this article was useful to you and you will find the perfect type of marketing for your business. The most important thing is to identify the needs of your business and choose the right tools to fulfill them. If you do not understand marketing, then you should find a qualified specialist. Nowadays, finding a good marketer is not a problem at all.

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