Top Reasons Why You Should Use a Freight Forwarder

In today’s competitive environment, businesses must do whatever they can to boost revenues, profitability, and market share. With many businesses having a global footprint, importing and exporting raw materials, components, and finished goods efficiently and cost-effectively is vital. Even when goods have to be shipped within the country, optimizing the supply chain and logistics is vital for establishing a competitive edge. However, since commonly businesses do not possess in-depth knowledge of the transportation industry it can result in sub-optimal utilization of resources and waste time, effort, and money. It is usually better to use the services of freight forwarding companies because of multiple benefits, including cost savings and faster transit. Some of the proven advantages of partnering with a freight forwarder:

Prompt Pickup and Delivery

The business environment is extremely competitive, and customers demand suppliers give products on time. Unless the supplier is efficient, stockouts can disrupt the operations of its customers and force them to maintain a higher level of inventory, both of which are undesirable. An experienced freight forwarding company will work with a business to optimize the logistics process. They will arrange to pick up the shipment in time, arrange for multimodal shipping and delivery at the destination in time. It leaves the business free to focus on what it does best, production and marketing.

Real-Time Tracking 

Both the exporter and the customer cannot rest easy till the shipment arrives as scheduled and in an undamaged condition. Any disruption can prove chaotic, and all parties will need to make alternative arrangements. However, this is not possible without tracking the shipment continuously. With freight forwarders can keep tabs on the cargo at every stage of its journey with the help of sophisticated tracking systems. If the cargo gets held up at any place, the membership freight forwarder will come to know and can take necessary action. Similarly, alerts can be issued if the cargo goes off track or is unloaded at any place other than its intended destination. The more sophisticated tracking systems can inform if the temperature or humidity specifications go out of line, and the shipment in the reefer container can spoil. With more accurate tracking, both loading and unloading of the cargo can be more efficient and timely and reduce the incidence of demurrage, thus saving valuable money. Most importantly, efficient tracking allows businesses to maintain optimum inventory.

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Accurate Documentation

International shipping is a quagmire of complicated documentation, which unless complete and accurate, can hold up the consignment at any point of the transit journey. The process is complicated because different countries have different legal frameworks, and what is legal in one country may not be in another. It is next to impossible for a business to keep track of all the legal and documentation complexities, but when they hand over their cargo to a freight forwarder, they know it will be taken care of professionally and competently. According to Forbes, freight forwarders are also better clued into the political and other developments around the world that can impact shipments.


In addition to the above benefits, another compelling reason for using a freight forwarder is to save on costs. Freight forwarders have better negotiating power with leading carriers and can also offer value-added services that lead to improved cost-effectiveness.

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