Tips of Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Animal Crossing is a simulation game that was published and developed by a renowned company known as Nintendo. This is a game where the player is a normal human being who lives inside a village inhabited by different kinds of anthropomorphic animals; you can do various activities like fossil hunting, bug catching, fishing, and many more. This game is an open-ended and open-world game; internal calendars and clocks stimulate actual time passage. The series has five main installments and three spinoff installments; the latest addition is Animal Crossing: New Horizons or ACNH. This was released in 2020 and became most selling and popular within a very short time of its release. 

Animal Crossing: New Horizons 

As we know that New Horizons is the fifth and latest addition to the Animal Crossing game series, which is also published and developed by Nintendo Switch and Nintendo. Here, the player controls a character who has just moved to a deserted and barren island; you can gather various crafts and gather various animal crossing items. You can also customize the whole island and form it into an amazing community of beautiful anthropomorphic animals. The development of this game was from 2012; the makers kept some parts of the old content from the previous games so that the old players find it much more interesting and relatable, and also the game was kept simple to attract the new players. ACNH received the award of the best game in the whole Animal Crossing series, and this is due to the advanced concepts used in the game; it also won many awards after its release, thus making it much more famous. 

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Game Concepts and Mechanics 

The game has implemented various new features, but it has maintained its core concepts so that the old players do not lose interest. Implementing a new system allows the player to keep hold of their materials even if the game store is closed. The game store allows you to buy ACNH items and ACHN bells for decoration and progress in the game. 


Another new feature known as Nook Miles is also implemented in the game; this was not there in the previous games. This feature shows the player the various kinds of concepts and the activities a player can achieve in the game by performing various tasks. The system also gives rewards to the players for collecting and selling various items. The new landscaping feature is also implemented to allow the player to shape the island exactly the way they want, and they do not have to restart the game repeatedly. The time-traveling trick used by the players is also eliminated as in this game, the crafting and building will not take any waiting time restrictions. Many events are also added in this game, which allows the players to play the game with much more interest. The time-traveling concept was curbed to many limitations, but there are some parts where you can still use this time-traveling trick; thus, we can say that the developers did not eliminate this from the game. 

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