The Vibrant World of Fashion Lingerie: A Guide

It’s no secret that women worldwide absolutely love their lingerie! And why shouldn’t they? After all, it’s one of the most vibrant, comfortable, and alluring pieces of clothing.

From high-end fashion houses and brands to even the local ones, lingerie is crafted with love and care! Be it a bralette, thong, G string, Bikini, Camisole, or Corset, the styles, designs, and sizes available in these are endless! More importantly, with so many options available, how do you choose the one that suits your body type and size well? So, read on to find out how!

The Many Different Types of Lingerie

Once you begin shopping for lingerie, there’s no going back since the market has countless options for you to choose from. And even if you buy the prettiest lingerie, the next step is to know how to style them for an unforgettable look correctly. So, this section will explore some of the most popular types and styles of lingerie. In addition, you will also find some bonus styling tips!


One of the most common types of lingerie is your everyday bra. Yes, the one that every woman finds uncomfortable to wear! So, there are quite different types of bras available for different body types and sizes.

For example, as per your requirements and needs, you can choose from full coverage bras, padded bras, non-padded bras, wired or non-wired bras, etc. This wide range of options is why women mainly invest in bras more than in any other type of lingerie.


Women all across the world widely love and prefer this piece of undergarment. As such, a G string is minimal and has only a single strap down your butt and a V-shape cloth piece on the front. Additionally, you can tie it with straps on either side.

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This type of lingerie is perfect for anyone who wants to go for a sensual and sexy experience. As such, they’re known as one of the sexiest ones on the list of top lingerie.

Corsets and Bustiers

Corsets and bustiers are your best friends if you love flaunting your curves! They have a shape like a bra but extend to your torso to give your body a more defined shape and bring out your curves in full glory!

However, corsets can sometimes feel quite restrictive. Therefore, what you can go for instead are bustiers. They do the same job of elevating your bust and enhancing your curves. They’re also great for shaping your upper body under a dress or a blouse.


This crowd-favorite piece of lingerie, a bikini, is one of the most versatile. They’re used not just as swimsuits but also as a matching set of panties and bras. In addition, they also have the perfect balance of comfort and sexy.

You can choose a bra in any shape, size, or style. On the other hand, the panty covers most of your hip and gives an edge of sexiness.


Probably one of the most versatile lingerie wear, you can style a bra in multiple ways. It offers no structure whatsoever and can be worn as outerwear for a fancy dinner or a casual brunch with your girls. Meanwhile, many women find bralettes super comfortable and use them as a top paired with a classic pair of pants or a skirt.

It’s never too bad to own a classic piece of lingerie. They may cost you a bomb, but they sure serve their purpose well. So, the next time you shop for your favorite lingerie, make sure to keep your body size in mind since buying the wrongly sized undergarment can result in unnecessary discomfort.

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