The Ultimate Kit List for Students

It’s coming up to the summer break and before you know it September will be upon us, and students will be headed back to the dorms in droves. There are a few things all students should have in their arsenal whether it is the first year or their final year. This article will explore some of the must haves that students should purchase before the start of the new academic year.


Technology is a huge part of our everyday living now, but what do students need to have to be their most productive in the school year?

This PC equipment list for students will help guide you in purchasing the right kit for the impending year. 

PC Computer

There are lots of options for computers on the market, but a PC computer is going to give you great value for money in comparison to a MAC, and when it comes to students, budget goes hand in hand.

The first thing you need to decide on is whether a laptop or a desktop is more suitable. The decision here is going to be based on whether portability is more important to the student than power.

Laptops are really useful for taking to class; however, if the user is studying gaming or something that requires a lot of power, then a desktop may be more suitable. 

Once a decision has been on this, you can think about the specs. For everyday activities like word processing, web browsing, and streaming, most general computers will have a good enough spec. Try and get a quad core or above if the budget allows.

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If, however, you are streaming a lot of games in addition to schoolwork or studying something like video editing which is going to be processor heavy, get the best possible spec you can afford.


While most colleges now have the ability to submit work digitally, there are times when having a physical copy of the research or assignment you are working on is useful. It allows you to highlight and make notes directly on the page.

Inkjet printers are generally more budget friendly so this could be a better option for students, and they are just as adequate if you are mainly printing text. However, if your coursework requires a lot of color printing such as graphics, then a laser printer would be more suitable for your needs.

Other Technology

Noise canceling headphones are fantastic for use with laptops when working outside of your dorm or the library. They will allow you to focus on your work without background noise interfering. In addition, they are great for listening to music once all the work is done! 

If you do decide on a desktop, then digital notepads are a fantastic way to take notes while in class, so this may also be something else to consider.

Having everything you need purchased in advance will give you a stress-free start to the semester, so you can focus on more fun activities like freshers week!

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