The Drama That Will Steal Your Heart

The Red Sleeve Cuff is a hit drama with an all-star cast. Beginning its plot earnestly, The Red Sleeve amuses viewers with its portrayal of a perfectionist prince and a free-spirited court lady. Lee Jun Ho (Yi San/ King Jung Ho) and Lee Se Young (Sung Deok Im) bravely define a captivating start to their exceptional synergy and blissful ambiance in the historical palace romance drama.

The Red Sleeve Cuff is a much-anticipated series among many fans worldwide. Following the successful release of its debut episode, the drama has gained exclusive contracts with vital international broadcasters and online streaming platforms in each area. Furthermore, due to the positive response from domestic viewers, its production firm and original production team are launching large-scale promotional campaigns.

Positive Reviews about the Drama

This is a good combination of romantic, suspenseful, and comedic sequences. You will like their chemistry; you can see they couldn’t stop laughing and smiling at certain scenes, but that’s good because You will adore them. With her behavior in the first episode, she may die in the real story, but because this is a drama, they portray emotions that will touch every viewer. With the Red Sleeve Cuff watch online for free, you can sign up now to watch dramas on any device that has an internet connection.

This drama will steal your heart. The introduction of traditional instruments was done well, with appealing melodies. Lee Se Young’s character brilliantly portrays the free-spirited young girl who wants to make her own decisions without criticizing others. The Red Sleeve Cuff continues to gain popularity, and Lee Se Young is an actress who previously appeared in a historical drama. Lee Se Young said that she isn’t bothered by people’s expectations since she understands acting.

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One of the most crucial parts of every film is its chemistry. It can make or break a movie, and it elicits a wide range of emotions from the audience when it’s there. The behind-the-scenes film demonstrates how deep the connection between Lee Junho and Lee Se Young is. The video shows the two principal actors’ incredible chemistry.


Synopsis and Plot Summary

Because his father died in front of him at age six, that’s why he is much affected. As soon as he steps onto the throne, the new ruler wants to be kind to everyone. He does not want to get entangled in power struggles before that occurs and thus does not trust anybody else with his plans.

Yi San, the Prince of Joseon, has a passionate and ambitious heart. He can acquire everything he chooses, regardless of the circumstances. One day, he encounters a young lady called Sung Deok Im in a courtroom and instantly falls in love with her. Yi San then attempts to convince her to become his concubine, but she declines since she understands that being a royal consort would restrict her independence and provide her little happiness. After realizing that his feelings for Sung Deok Im are genuine, she realizes that making a union with her may result in her gaining his complicated world.

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