7 Best Adult Birthday Party Ideas

Are you planning to hold a birthday party? Well, there are many things you can do to make this event unique! In this article, you will explore seven ideas on how to make your adult party look fantastic.

Adult Birthday Party

1. Dinner and a Movie

Invite your friend over to share dinner with you at your house, have everyone bring their own dish. Serve one dish that you are superb at cooking, but ask everyone else to cook the same thing so that there is more variety for all the guests. Order in some snacks or serve drinks, then put on a movie that you want to watch together. This is one of the adult birthday party ideas that works best if outgoing friends are hosting the party. If they can be responsible for conversation during dinner and smaller talk while watching the movie (as they choose it), consider this idea.

2. Netflix and Chill

Have each guest bring their favorite TV show or movie on Netflix – make sure everyone has access to the same account information. After your guests arrive, make some popcorn and enjoy watching all of your favorite TV shows or movies together. This party works best for people that are introverted or aren’t very talkative, but still like socializing with friends; they can take turns leading movie choices. It is also an easy party if you’re trying to watch a series you never got around to watching, like Friends!

3. Game Night

Have everyone brought their favorite games – whether they’re party games or board games. If you have enough people, you can even divide into teams for some friendly competition. This is among adult birthday party ideas for friends that are comfortable around each other and like to have a good time. It’s also a great opportunity to learn more about your friends’ interests outside of your usual conversations.

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4. Karaoke Night

This is usually a hit or miss with people – if your guests are comfortable singing in front of others, they’ll love it! If not, it could be a pretty embarrassing evening for them (although the memories might make it worth it). You can get a karaoke machine or rent one from the store, have guests write their song requests in advance so you know what to prepare. If buying a machine, make sure everyone has access to an electrical outlet!

5. Scavenger Hunt

The host of the party creates clues and hides small gifts around the home. Make sure there are enough prizes that every team wins something – even if they come in last place! This idea is one of best adult birthday party ideas to consider when hosting with just one other person, but there are also opportunities for teamwork, which makes it great for friends that may not be super close, but enjoy each other’s company.

6. Spa Night

Invite your friends over for a pampering session – you can let them choose what to put in their gift bags or provide options. Maybe they’d love a face mask, foot scrub, nail polish kit, and more. This idea is especially great for girlfriends looking for some quality one-on-one time with each other!

7. Game Night 2.0

Instead of games around the house, make it more of an escape room experience! There are companies that offer these types of parties all over the world – you sign up on their website and book an appointment; it’s very easy and reasonably priced (usually between $30-$50 per person). The only supplies needed are paper and pens.

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