Smart Home Devices

Everyone wants to see their house cleaner and safer through different automated devices. These smart home devices can help you control all lights of your house through a mobile phone and even lock your doors when you’re not at your residence. Some of them use less energy than the traditional gadgets in our homes.

People want the facility at any cost; that is why the number of these home devices is increasing daily due to high demand in the market. But keep in mind that all newly launched devices are not reliable, and people have faced many scams in the past years. We have tested many of these gadgets across different categories, from home cameras to video doorbells. Based on this experience list of the most reliable devices is given below.

Top Smart Home Devices

Philips Hue

Philips Hue bulbs are the best option for your journey towards a smart home. The reason why we choose these bulbs is that they are easy to install. You need to remove the old bulbs, replace them, and all is done. These can be put inside and outside the rooms, like on the lawn and at the doorstep.

Philips bulbs are available in different types of colors. So, you can select them according to your choice. They are also rich with different effects. Moreover, they are responsive and will work efficiently on the given command.

No worries if you go out of the home and forget to switch off them. You can control them even if you’re far away from home. In addition, at home, you can control them because of the Bluetooth built-in function installed in the bulbs.

Arlo Pro 4

Every homeowner or businessman always remains in search of a security camera that produces high-quality videos. The sad reality is that most cameras perform well in the daytime. But they fail to provide quality at night.

So, we came with a camera Arlo Pro 4, which promised high-quality daily and night results. This is also rich with zooming and motion tracking features. So, all the activity in its range is detected and followed.

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Eufy Video Doorbell 2K

Eufy Video Doorbell 2K is the first choice for the person seeking the best video doorbell. The reason is its high performance, durability, and low price compared to the other brands. 

The best thing about Eufy Doorbell, which makes it different from other brands, is that it can be used subscription-free. On the other hand, most doorbells charge a subscription fee monthly.

This exceptional charge capability can be run easily for at least six months after installation. Furthermore, it works without a wire connection with the assistance of a hub.

Google Nest Hub Max

Are you looking for a device through which you can control all the other smart home devices like thermostats and smart lights, then Google Nest Hub Max is highly recommended. There is no need to install hundreds of apps after purchasing them. 

Google Nest Hub Version is launched after the success of Google Nest Hub. It also had a speaker with a quality screen and a front-facing camera. In addition, this device’s design is neat and has music-friendly speakers.

Nest Learning Thermostat

Nest Learning Thermostat uses machine learning algorithms to heat or cool your home. That is the reason Nest is famous for manufacturing the best smart thermostats. Its setup is handy and can be handled even with basic knowledge.

You can adjust the temperature of your according to your need. In summer, it can be used to cold your room temperature. On the other hand, in winter, it is used to heat the room air. Google Assistant is used to control all its functions which are discussed above.

Lutron Serena Smart Wood: Top Motorised Roller Blind

Lutron Serena Smart Motorised Roller Blinds are rich with the most innovative features among any smart blind. They are available in 8 different colors and can also be ordered in any size. These blinds can move up and down according to the sun’s movement. You need to give a command, and they will do all the work efficiently.

Irrespective of the command, you can also set them manually. The apps used to control its functionality are Lutron App, Google Home, etc. 

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