5 reasons to install a dryer

According to a survey conducted among American housewives, the washer and dryer were recognized as one of the most necessary household appliances in the house. And if on the first point Russian women are in solidarity with American women, then on the second point they have a diametrically opposite opinion.

For some reason, most housewives in Russia prefer to dry clothes the old fashioned way, hanging them on clotheslines in the bathroom, on the balcony, or using folding dryers. Meanwhile, doing this is not always convenient and profitable: you can immediately name as many as five reasons to install a dryer. To buy hand dryer visit ABIS store.

Reason one: aesthetic

Tights, T-shirts and underwear hanging from ropes do not look very nice, especially if all this happens on the balcony to the delight of curious neighbors. However, it is not always convenient to dry clothes in the bathroom. If, while taking a shower, you constantly bump your head into a sheet or duvet cover dangling at the top, this is unlikely to cause pleasant sensations.

A dryer will save you from such inconveniences – with it the apartment will always look cozy and beautiful. For example, on the balcony it will be possible to equip a summer relaxation room by placing a table and a pair of wicker chairs, in which it will be so pleasant to relax on summer evenings.

Lovers will arrange a romantic candlelight dinner here, the hostess, tired of the daily chores, will drink a cup of tea with pleasure, and her husband will enjoy a cigarette after work, not listening to the grumbling of the second half that the washed linen will smell of tobacco. On the wall in the bathroom, you can lay out a panel of tiles, and mount original spotlights in the ceiling. This beauty will be open to your eyes every day, it will not have to be hidden behind wet towels, shirts and other clothes.

Reason two: saving space

Many housewives object to buying a dryer, assuring that they simply do not have space in their apartment to put another household appliance. However, this is not really a valid argument.

Firstly, the dimensions of the dryers are not so large. The height of the standard model is about eighty-five, and the width and depth are about sixty centimeters. Agree, this is not too much, especially considering that in one cycle such a technique can dry up to nine kilograms of laundry. At the same time, a floor dryer capable of withstanding such a weight will look much larger: it will take the same sixty centimeters in width and at least about a meter and a half in length.

In addition, there is a way to make sure that you don’t have to look for a place in the apartment for the dryer at all. If you have a front-loading washer, you can place them in a column so that the dryer is on top. In this case, you will not waste a single square centimeter of space in the bathroom and, in addition, create the conditions so that you can quickly transfer the laundry from one tank to another.

Reason three: save time

A tumble dryer saves time – and it’s not just about drying clothes faster. Indeed, clothes hung on rods or ropes, depending on the size and thickness of the fabric, can dry for a long time. Sometimes you have to wait a whole day before you can put on your favorite jeans or blouse again.

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With a dryer, you will forget about this problem. Even if you are covered in mud from under the wheels of a passing car, you can put your jacket and trousers in order in just one and a half to two hours. At the same time, half an hour will be spent on washing, and the rest of the time on drying, and it will be possible to put on clean clothes again.

However, time is saved not only on this. Remember what you need to dry your laundry in the usual way. First you have to take it out of the tank of the washing machine and put it in a bowl, then take it out and lay out the floor dryer or lower the rods of the ceiling model down. After that, you need to carefully straighten and hang the clothes. Then you need to wait a few hours until the things are completely dry, remove them from the rods and put the dryer in place. With the machine, all these actions become superfluous: all that is needed is just to transfer clothes from one drum to another.

Reason four: saving energy

To tidy up the linen, it is not enough to wash and dry it. Usually, after this, the hostess is waiting for another exciting procedure: ironing. Do you want to save yourself from this activity? Then buy a dryer.

The principle of its operation is built as follows: during drying, hot air flows inside, and the drum rotates in one direction or the other. As a result, the laundry in it is constantly thrown up and dries at the same time. Often, clothes after machine drying do not need to be ironed at all, but you can immediately put them on or put them in the closet, and sometimes it is enough just to lightly walk over them with an iron.

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Reason five: saving money

Once you pay for a dryer, you can save money on buying or caring for clothes in the future. For example, this technique allows you to reduce the cost of dry cleaning. It thoroughly dries even such dense clothes as down jackets: thanks to the constant rotation and tossing, the filler in them straightens out naturally, without straying into lumps.

Bringing winter jackets in order yourself, you will save quite a lot of money. On average, the price of dry cleaning of one thing with down filler starts from one and a half thousand rubles. It turns out that for a family of four, a dryer will reduce costs by at least six thousand rubles a year – and this is if each of the household members needs to wash and dry the down jacket only once, at the end of the season.

As you can see, the dryer really has several undeniable advantages. And, perhaps, they will even make you seriously think about buying these household appliances and abandon the usual floor or ceiling dryer.

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