SEO Tips for Content Marketing

Content marketing and SEO are closely related. If you develop these areas consciously and together, it will bring high search engine rankings, increased traffic and sales. Sounds great, right?

When we talk about the impact of content on SEO, keywords come to mind first. But there are other factors that can help improve a site’s search engine ranking. Here are the main SEO tips for content marketing.

Increase CTR

CTR is a metric that shows how clickable your links are. It is calculated by the formula: number of clicks/number of impressions x 100. For example, if a Bizzo casino games with live dealers ad was seen by 200 people, and 33 people clicked on the link, the CTR equals 16.5%.

Increasing the indicator has a positive effect on promotion in search results. There are a few tips for increasing CTR. The simplest is engaging headlines. Use words that show expertise, inspire trust, or arouse curiosity.

A short article description is important. Create a short description that will make readers click on the link and learn more about the topic.

Choose the Right Keywords

When working with SEO, you can’t overlook keywords. There is a lot of competition in keywords right now, it’s important to find the right ones.

Selecting the right keywords will give you more organic growth. If you can’t decide on the words yourself, use services. For example, Google Keyword Planner will do it for you. You can choose a whole phrase as a keyword, then the competition will be lower.

If you’re creating a blog post with the title “10 Simple Vegan Lunch Ideas for Work,” use other related terms and phrases in the article in addition to your main keywords. For example, instead of “simple,” add “quick” and “easy,” or replace “vegan” with “plant-based.”

Add Engaging Visuals

Using videos or infographics can be helpful for several reasons. People like visual content that’s easy to use and share. It will also simplify reading, increase engagement, and increase audience time on your site.

Using infographics will help get more traffic from Google or Pinterest, and audiences can share content on social media and increase reach.

Add Links to Your Site

An easy way to lower your bounce rate and increase your rankings is to link your article with internal links. The higher the number of internal links, the lower the bounce rate. Feel free to link to similar content on your blog.

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For example, when publishing an article about promotion in Instagram, we will add links to the material about profile design or content creation for this social network.

It’s important to add links that are relevant to the topic. Visitors will click on them and this will increase their time on the blog and the bounce rate will fall.

Avoid Repetitive Content

Repetitive content will hurt your search engine rankings. Duplicate content makes it harder to find and select a relevant page for a keyword.

There are several ways to fix or remove duplicate content. One is to use the rel=canonical tag. It tells search engines that the page is a duplicate. If you add a rel=canonical tag to your repetitive pages and link them to the original article, search engines will know which one is the main one.

Another option is to use a 301 redirect. This will tell the search engines and redirect visitors to the home page. The fix is permanent. So think ahead about what kind of result you want. If you use this option, you will not only fix repetitive content, but also remove duplicate pages completely.

Use the 404 Error Page

Sometimes we see a 404 error when we try to open a page. More often than not, this is due to the removal of content. It is better to prepare for such a situation in advance.

By making the 404 page useful and creative, you will keep visitors on your site. For example, if you have an online store, add a link to contact support on the 404 page. The customer will find the product with the help of operators and make a purchase.

On news sites or blogs, link to popular articles on an error page or show a menu. A good solution is to add a joke or play around with the error situation. This will be remembered by the user and make you stand out among other sites.

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