The Impact of High Inflation on Digital Marketing

Inflation is soaring at an all-time high, and companies and customers alike are trying their best to adapt to this new financial environment. This inflation has extended to more abstract sections of the economy, such as digital marketing, which is seeing some degree of reinvention in the face of monetary pressures.

Here’s a list of developments occurring in the digital marketing world.

PPC Ads Are Becoming More Expensive on Average

PPC, or “pay per click,” is an incredibly common form of advertising on the internet. Encompassing things like pop-ups, search engine rankings, video ads, and banner ads, PPC advertising is one of the oldest forms of internet marketing, and while its popularity has diminished somewhat with the advent of other methods, such as influencer marketing, it’s nonetheless a mainstay of numerous advertising agencies and businesses.

However, like most things, PPC ads are feeling the pressures of inflation, the costs to advertisers are increasing, the general public is increasingly less likely to make purchases, and businesses are having difficulty staying afloat.

This has led to many advertising agencies increasing the cost they charge their customers per click, but this is causing some financial strain for already cash-strapped businesses, which might backfire in the near future.

Inflation Is Actually Increasing Digital Marketing’s Relevance

Although you might expect that with rising advertising costs, the outlook seems bleak, that’s not necessarily the case. Some, although not all, business entities are actually increasing their use of digital marketing.

The reason why has to do with how inflation impacts people’s buying patterns. Inflation makes things more expensive, meaning people buy less in general; businesses that rely on a steady stream of purchases can signal huge trouble. To combat this, certain businesses have increased the role digital advertising plays in their business plans.

It’s not just any advertising; they’re looking for highly innovative ways to expand their customer base, both through inflationary periods and beyond.

Special Deals Might Be The Way to Go

Rapid inflation is one of the most significant ways in which people just flat out stop spending money. Within a very short period of time, people go from having a pretty good grasp of how much money they have and what daily essentials cost to their bills ballooning out of control.

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In this environment, individuals become incredibly hesitant to spend money on pretty much anything, which isn’t great from a business point of view. However, a great solution to this problem lies in digital marketing.

Potential customers are much more likely to make purchases if they feel like they’re getting a good deal, which is an impressive digital marketing specialist can give to a wide range of people.

It’s likely that, for at least the next several years, digital marketers will focus on the economy of certain purchases rather than highlighting other qualities.

There are Plenty of Opportunities to Grow Customer Bases

In the current bout of economic turmoil we find ourselves, companies are gaining and losing customers in an erratic fashion, which can be quite disconcerting on some level, but it’s also a great time for making opportunities.

The reasons why people prefer to purchase certain goods and services from certain vendors are highly variable, but during times of difficulty, it’s a sure thing that customers will be shifting their interests to alternatives that are more sustainable, more convenient, and less expensive, which are important points marketers should fixate on.

For instance, if an agency is looking to focus on marketing for dentist clinics, they can cater to disaffected dental patients who have been turned off by the high costs or lack of value of other dental offices by offering discounts or other incentives for shifting providers.

Thinking About Changing Trends in Digital Marketing

With the rapid advancement of today’s technology and constant changes in consumer preference, the addition of inflation adds a completely additional dimension to what digital marketers have to deal with.

However, despite how everything has gotten much more complex, if you know how to swing this entire situation to your advantage, you can achieve more success than you would otherwise.

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