Qualities to Become a Successful Preschool Teacher

Preschooling is the first step that every toddler takes in the world of learning and education. When at home, parents try to teach their children basic poems, short rhymes, names of objects, self-name, and much more. But the first step towards formal education begins with entering preschools. The future academic success and developments begin from here.

Therefore pre-primary teachers play an important role in shaping the educational life and future accomplishments of the children. Not everyone can become an effective preschool teacher. During the age of three to six years, students are very delicate and can only be tackled by the teachers who possess the right qualities along with love, affection, kindness, and some mandatory educational qualifications. Let us discuss the main qualities that one needs to possess to become a successful preschool teacher.

Qualities to become a successful preschool teacher

  1. Passion to teach 

Teaching preschool students can be challenging because the children are too small to understand and follow the instructions, commands given by you. To become a successful preschool teacher, the main quality to possess is the passion and zeal to teach. Every profession has its advantages and difficulties. But with a passion for work helps people to overcome the difficulties that arise in the path of goal accomplishment. All primary school teachers should be prepared to face different kinds of children, their nature, behaviour, and learning habits. With zeal and devotion, teachers can stay consistent and punctual with their teaching tasks.

  1. Creative skills

Preschool children are of age group three to six years. This means their mind is quite young to understand the formal teaching patterns and simple lecturing. Teachers need to be innovative with their teaching styles to make classes interesting and engaging for the toddlers.  Also today, online teaching platforms are growing rapidly. To teach online effectively to toddlers, creative teaching skills are highly required. The toddlers easily get distracted from the classes. Many times they are very impatient and don’t want to read, recite, write and learn. To overcome this, the main quality that all preschool teachers should have is creative skills.

  • Teachers can use technical teaching aids such as picture cards, animations, short videos, educational videos, cartoons, visual stories, and much more to teach students.
  • To make students learn the basics such as counting, alphabet, Hindi letters, and environmental science, teachers can make them learn in the form of songs and rhymes. They can use LMS portals to effectively manage such activities.
  1. Patience 

Teaching toddlers is not a doodle. It is quite a difficult task. Without a good patience level,  teachers can get irritated or scold children which affects their mental health, growth, and development. To avoid this from happening along with a passion for teaching and creative skills, a preschool teacher must have the quality of being patient even when facing difficulties in handling students. The preschool children are too young to understand and have a maturity about learning, and maintaining disciplinary measures. But with the calm, composure, and patience of teachers, students can adapt to the education system and preschools.

  • A preschool teacher should be aware as well as prepared to handle the short-tempered nature mood swings of the learners. One moment you can see them crying about missing their parents and the next moment you can see them playing around.
  • For managing preschool learning online, teachers must possess this quality as catching the attention of toddlers when they are at their homes can be challenging for students. This will help them to teach online effectively.
  1. Effective communication skills 
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For listening to the students and interacting with each one of them, teachers should have the quality of effective communication. To ensure that students are learning and adapting to the new world outside their homes, teachers must communicate with the students. Talking to them to cheer them up, and making them participate in different classroom activities is important.

  • With interaction with all students, you can make them recite and read poems, rhymes, songs, and alphabets.
  • With the help of LMS portals and communication quality, teachers can also connect to the parents to discuss the growth and progress of their children.
  1. Feeling of compassion 

The toddlers are full of emotions. Even the thought of staying away from their close ones and parents makes them cry. When students step into the preschools, they are very emotional, and crying is very common among them. For helping students to adjust and adapt to the new environment the compassionate feeling, love and affection are very important. This is an important quality that every preschool teacher must possess. With this quality, they will become successful in helping students involved and engaged in learning. Compassionate teachers are successful in making students feel comfortable, happy, and cheerful.


Becoming a preschool teacher is not an easy task. Along with the educational qualifications, the teachers need to possess certain qualities to become successful in teaching the primary students. All the above-mentioned qualities are important to possess for becoming a successful preschool teacher.

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