Nine Ways PrognoCIS EHR Improve Patient Safety

Over the decade, healthcare companies have overwhelmingly embraced using PrognoCIS Electronic Health Records (EHRs). According to HealthIt.Gov, back in 2008, approximately 42% of workplace-based physicians used EHRs, and with the support of 2017 that range had risen to 86% and is quite appreciably higher now.

EHRs had been a step ahead in the aim to improve patient care by enhancing relationships and collaboration among clinicians and their patients. And using EHRs goes ways beyond simply storing patient records digitally. Quality licensed EHRs should be used correctly so that they can improve patient safety in one-of-a-kind methods. 

Here’s a closer look at a number of the methods PrognoCIS EMR can improve patient protection

1. Prevent Possible Side Effects 

When clinicians use PrognoCIS EHR structures, they experience higher decision-making tools designed to save them from unfavourable events because of drug interactions with different medicines or meals or drug allergies. Patient records and pharmaceutical facts make it possible to make progressed selections that lessen the danger of facet effects because of treatments. 

The data recorded in inpatient EHRs are shared amongst medical teams, imparting extra information to guide experts and their decisions for patient care. This guarantees all clinical experts have the desired details to make pleasant decisions in treating a patient’s troubles regardless of their location. 

2. Improved Automation 

The advanced automation presented using EHR also improves patient safety in numerous ways. If patients fail to pick out important prescriptions, physicians may be notified to remind patients or assist them to get the prescription they want. Diabetic patient ratings that go above sure ranges may be used to mechanically sign up patients in an interactive, instructional protocol to assist patients in higher control of their circumstances. 

The seamless records transfer and real-time verbal exchange of PrognoCIS EHR automate strategies to reduce human blunders and the damage it may cause to patients. For example, if a patient seeks emergency care, EHRs can notify the patient’s primary care issuer to agenda a comply-with-up appointment. This makes it the best EMR for pain management

3. Make Use of Patient-Reported Data 

EHRs additionally help advantage patients and enhance patient protection by way of utilizing patient-suggested data while it’s available. Wearables and other IoT healthcare devices maintain to collect more passive patient data, a good way to in all likelihood be usable within the destiny. But for now, providers can depend on patient-pronounced information. Patient-mentioned data can help close gaps in records and permit vendors to redirect their cognizance to different essential elements of patient health. 

4. Help Patients Prevent Disease 

PrognoCIS EHR may be used to pick outpatients who haven’t obtained essential screening examinations. Taking preventative measures can help reveal the earliest signs of significant sicknesses, including kidney ailment and colon cancer. 

This also can assist patients to discover ways to manipulate their dangers by teaching patients. While patients can’t keep away from illnesses and accidents, they could discover ways to identify risks and behaviors that grow their likelihood of preventable sicknesses. This can result in fantastic outcomes and reduce the incidence of preventable diseases in patients. 

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5. Improve Patient Compliance and Engagement 

Effective patient-issuer verbal exchange stays critical to step forward with patient results. PrognoCIS EHR with the usage of technology, together with a patient portal, help strengthen those relationships. When patients can review their information, in addition to medical doctors’ notes, they are well organized to invite follow-up questions about treatments to their physicians. When errors or misunderstandings occur, patients without difficulty connect with their provider to resolve issues. The more patients understand their clinical remedy, the greater is the quality of clinical results.  

6. Better Patient Care Outcomes 

PrognoCIS having a crucial repository of records that is without difficulty accessed from any care setting creates a giant difference in healthcare outcomes. Whether patients visit the medical doctor’s workplace or any other type of treatment, facts remain available without modifications. The capability to access records on patients like allergies, medicines, and persistent illness through an EHR enables patient healthcare tendencies, prevents human error whilst treating patients, and improves standard patient care effects. 

7. Transform Clinical Processes 

PrognoCIS EHR lets providers prevent disturbing situations that patients frequently experience. The practice workers may additionally display patients simply after they have encounters with other physicians, need insurance facts, or discuss lab and different outcomes. Evaluating every touchpoint offers insights on how practices ought to discover methods to modify techniques to lessen time inside the waiting room or the time patients spend handling patient consumption and different strategies outside of patient-physician time. 

8. Boosts Quality of Clinical Research 

Leveraging the energy of PrognoCIS EHR with the latest technological innovations improves scientific research quality, as well, as using population institution, drug trial participation, and further aspects. Medical teams have the energy to maintain a more in-depth eye on treatment plans and ailment progression in patients. Reports are made possible by EHR empower docs, so that they’re capable of making satisfactory clinical selections, and make it easier to share data with studies centers, friends, and associates. 

9. Empowered Patients 

The use of PrognoCIS EMR also improves patient protection via empowering patients. Two of the most important factors of patient safety consist of patient engagement and patient empowerment. Providers can’t always maintain a close eye on patients. Even while companies deliver great diagnoses and complete treatment, patients ought to execute the ones laid out by using the care crew. 


Healthcare consumerism continues to boost, and patients command extra value and duty. Keeping them busy with patient portals that sync and integrate with a practice’s EHR empowers patients, letting them converse with their care group, refill prescriptions, schedule visits, view take a look at results, and more.

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