3 adversities faced by children when adopting a child in Georgia

Every child has a come-up story but adopted children face a unique set of challenges. Adoption is an experience of a lifetime, and every situation varies greatly. Some are happy for their life ahead, while others are sad, depressed, and troubled. Adopting a child in Georgia is not an easy challenge as you are now responsible for someone outside of yourself. The adversities faced by a child after this process can be remedied and slowly made better. You can give them a life to look back and smile at!

Let’s start with what these challenges are and how you can ease them.

3 difficulties faced by adopted children:

Agony of dissociation:

The suffering that stems from abandonment can surface in different ways. Children who were taken in at an early age may suffer from the pain of losing everyone in their family, including siblings and grandparents. Older children show signs of grief when they are stropped away from their foster homes. The friends they made there and the neighborhood they familiarized themselves with are all gone. It may be hard to adjust to a new system with new faces and new routines.

If not remedied correctly and in due time, these feelings start to pile up, and it’s the calm before the storm that’s the scariest. They may feel rejected, abandoned, anxious, in denial, and angry, to name a few. How these feelings surface is also different. Some may show signs of hostility, while others may become anti-social altogether. Children with trauma backgrounds are known to develop conditions like attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).

Self-awareness and low self-esteem:

Many adoptees that find new families have not found closure from their last ones. This could be due to a lack of information or a reason for this situation to occur. It leads to self-esteem issues and could result in lousy identity development. Not only is the child grieving the loss of a family he never really knew but is also finding reasons to blame why he can’t fit in with the new one. Wondering why they were rejected or given up are among the few reasons for this type of behavior.

International adoption agencies in Georgia like Tom Tabeau can help make the adoption process go much smoother. This way, the child doesn’t have to carry the added stress of going to court or facing the complications that may present themselves. Difference in race and/or ethnicity between the new family and the child can also add to identity problems.

Bonding issues:

Children adopted later on in their lives or those who have faced neglect and seen trauma before can start dissociating from society in ways that can threaten their lives. Problems like substance abuse, fights, ADHD, anxiety disorders, and disability to learn can easily show up. It is no surprise that adopting a child in Georgia can bring a set of challenges on its own, so getting your kid proper counseling and therapy can help astronomically.

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How to remedy these issues:

There are ways to eradicate or at least minimize almost all the aforementioned problems.

  •       Learning about the child’s past life and keeping tabs with the birth parents for quick information can help answer questions the child may have with time. Answering them in a way that gives them enough information to satisfy their curiosity but also doesn’t harm them simultaneously is crucial.
  •       Giving them a warm home that loves them and brings stability into their lives because that is what they want the most. They might have had a life of trauma, abuse, and separation loss which needs to be fixed by giving them everything that is a fundamental right and more.
  •       Having an open heart-to-heart with them every now and then is very important. It shows that you care, and it allows them to open up and rise above the problems they have looming over them.
  •       Do not deny help when you need it. People often don’t want to get it due to pride or selfishness, but they only harm the child. Getting a therapist to talk to for the child and you is exceedingly paramount to the situation.


As a parent, you should know what is coming ahead when adopting a child in Georgia. It is, in no way, a small task that needs to be looked over. A child’s life is on the line, and you are responsible for it. Lead with good faith and honesty, and you will find a fantastic child who is ready to give you all of them when you need it too.


What are the issues that need to be considered before adopting a child?

  •       The age of your child
  •       Background information
  •       Developing trust in adoption agencies
  •       Travel issues
  •       Home safety
  •       Proper counseling and therapy for the child
  •       Your preparedness

What do social workers look for in adoptive parents?

Social workers will pay close attention to your living conditions, strengths and limitations as a parent, and questions about any children you already have. This series of checks need to be done on all volunteering families.

How do I prepare for an adoption panel?

Be ready for some uncomfortable questions, read your Prospective Adopter Report (PAR), have a detailed conversation with the social worker assigned to you, and always remember to relax and not look hasty.

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