Outdoor Curtains – The Latest Colors And Trends To Follow

You are probably already aware of the best fabrics widely used for manufacturing outdoor curtain. Olefin, acrylic and even the polyester blend will be some of the noteworthy choices that you must be focusing at. Now, the real call lies with the curtains, which you can choose for amplifying the style and look of the place. Focusing on the latest colors and the styles will help you to get over with the trendy options and then you get to choose whichever one seems right to give out a try.

Focus on the colors now:

Now, there are some significant color variations when it comes to outdoor curtains. Each variation has a specific style to it, which can be seen throughout the entire group. So, looking for the best colors will actually work out well for you.

  • Neutral solids:

With the help of subtle colors and that much awaited homespun textures, it will actually help in mimicking raw cotton or linen. You can try out the neutral solids, which will add that even of softness to outdoor space without even drawing much attention. If you want, you can opt for the darker solid colors, designed to help block harsh UV rays. The sheer colors, on the other hand, will let natural light come in.

  • Botanical prints:

Well, as the name suggests pretty well, the botanical prints will emphasize on the garden location with that nature inspired or floral prints. It will help in mirroring the surrounding greenery, from the lush tropical prints to the bright floral patterns for sure.

  • Bold stripes or the solids:

If you want to add that timeless coastal look, then going for the wide beach stripes will work out well for you. Or else, you can try to make one bold statement with bright solid. Now, you get to coordinate the curtain colors with the entire palette of outdoor décor for that pleasing atmosphere.

Get in with the trends:

Now, when you are done with the color, it is time to focus towards the trends now. Listed below are some of the trendiest options you could try.

  • Eco-chic:

Here, the fabrics are mostly inspired by raw linen or cotton for presenting a natural feel without the sun-fading or the mold of the real natural fabric materials. You can pair this look with any patio furniture made using rattan, bamboo and more.

  • Romantic:

For this section, you have the gauzy and flowing curtains which will shift in breeze and setting quite a romantic mood. You can pair this up with glowing lanterns and assortment of pillows and poufs.

  • Vintage:

Now, you get the chance to match the curtains with the architectural style of the historical place. For that, you can choose colors and patterns that were popular of that decade, starting from mid-century to the 70s hip style!

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Choose the one you like:

Focusing on the colors and trends will actually give you a glimpse of what you can get for your outdoor curtain shopping. Keep these points in mind for making the best investment when time comes.

How To Find Cheap Outdoor Curtains?

Finding cheap outdoor curtains that fit your decor can be difficult. If you want to add a little something that will make the patio, deck or garden a fun place to be, adding some colorful curtains is a great way to go. Using liners instead of actual curtains makes it easy to change out the look for each season or holiday.

  •       Use lightweight cotton liners to make it easier to change out the curtains. Choose solid colors, stripes or even patterns that resemble your décor style. The good thing about using these types of liners is that you can easily switch them out for any occasion or holiday that comes along throughout the year.


  •       Choose neutral colors like brown, tan or taupe to make it easier to change out the liner when necessary. If you want more color, choose liners that are white but also have some color threads running through them for added depth and sheen. You can use fabric paint pens available at any craft store to color in the white areas of the liner.
  •       Hang your liners using drapery hooks that fit into corresponding grommets around the edge of the curtain. For extra security, you can use a hook on each side to insure they stay put in any breeze or wind. You can find a variety of styles and colors of drapery hooks to match your personal decor style.

By using these tips, you can find cheap outdoor curtains that will add beauty and color to any patio, deck or garden area. With a little bit of creativity, you can change the look of your curtains to match any holiday or special occasion. Have fun with it!

How To Clean Outdoor Curtains?

Outdoor curtains are normally made out of fabrics that are weather resistant. These fabrics, meant to be used outdoors, typically fade less than other materials. As long as your cords and hooks function properly, the weight is evenly distributed along the curtain rod, and sunlight does not filter through them directly, there’s not too much that can go wrong.

Cleaning outdoor curtains is easy and only requires a few household items. All you need is a bucket, a hose, some dish soap, and a rag.

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