Less Known Things about CBD Oil for Dogs

CBD dog oils are a great way to serve your dogs a natural god that will improve their health. Whether your four-legged buddy is sick, old, or completely healthy, these products can help them stay healthy, joyful, and vital. More on their benefits read here.

The market for hemp-based pet products is growing unstoppably. Many things about these goods are pretty well known and even scientifically proven. Still, some details are mentioned a little less often, and it’s good to know them.

Hemp-Seed, Hemp, and CBD Oils Are Not the Same Thing

Dog owners who encounter CBD goods for the first time may be confused by the wide range of these products. Different price ranges and a large number of well-known and lesser-known brands are also not helpful. That’s why you shouldn’t go in search of the best supplement for your pet without prior knowledge.

One of the basic things to know is that CBD and hemp oils are not the same things. Both are safe for animal use but not equally effective. The same thing is with hemp seed oil. It’s safe for animal use, but it should be eliminated immediately as a supplement. This product is primarily used for cooking and has minimal health benefits.

CBD dog oils are obtained mainly by processing hemp buds. These parts of the plant are rich in CBD, and that’s what you’re looking for your furry buddy. The extraction separates this component and mixes it with various solvents to obtain pet-friendly products. On the other hand, hemp extracts are made by processing almost all plant parts and are less potent than CBD oils.

Different Types of CBD

Cannabidiol used in the production of pet goods has several forms – full and broad-spectrum and isolate. The first two are mainly used in oils for dogs, while isolates are rarely present. Some topical products might contain them. Full-spectrum contains all the valuable components from hemp buds, while broad-spectrum has them all, too, but minus THC.

You should pay particular attention to this item. Full-spectrum oils are known to contain a certain amount of THC. In precisely defined doses, this compound, along with CBD, produces an entourage effect. It brings many benefits to your dog’s health, especially when it comes to chronic pain and discomfort.

Check the link below to learn how CBD can treat arthritis in dogs:


The amount of THC in pet oils is mainly controlled by hemp breeders. Hemp strains containing less than 0.3% THC or not at all are mainly used to produce dog-friendly supplements. But if you are unsure how THC will work on your four-legged friend or about the dosage, it is best to avoid full-spectrum products. Have peace of mind with giving only broad-spectrum oils to your pup.

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Low Risk of Overdosing and Side Effects


Probably the best thing about CBD is its natural origin. This compound is plant-derived and mixed with food-grade oils to obtain top-quality products for dogs. These goods have nothing to do with artificial materials since they don’t contain preservatives, artificial flavors, and emulsifiers.

Cannabidiol is known as a non-psychoactive substance, which is the main reason why your pet can’t overdose on it. What can cause the problem is THC. If you give your pet more oil than prescribed, mild side effects may occur due to this compound. These are most often upset tummy, nausea, or digestive problems. Most of these conditions don’t need treatment, as the discomfort usually passes in a day or two.

But if you give a much higher dose of CBD oil to your pup, the THC content in it could be a problem. Your dog may have a problem with sleep and behavior. Besides, mild sedation, anxiety, and incontinence issues may occur. In large doses, THC can even be lethal to your furry buddy. That is why you should never give CBD oil of any kind to a pet without prior consultation with a vet.

Oral Administration Is Not the Only Solution

CBD dog oils give the best effect if taken orally, preferably if your pet keeps them in your mouth for at least a few seconds. Then the active ingredient reaches the bloodstream the fastest and begins to act in just a few minutes. But putting a dropper under a dog’s tongue is often a mission impossible, especially in smaller breeds or animals that are nervous or in pain.

The great thing about CBD oils for dogs is their versatility. If your pet is picky and doesn’t like the smell of this product, you can outsmart them with simple tricks. Simply stir this bitter liquid into their favorite food or treat. If these are something meaty or spicy, the animals won’t spot any difference.

Also, you can apply this product topically. It can be of great help for pain, inflammation, or skin or hair problems. Moreover, in dogs suffering from arthritis or hip dysplasia, this method of application is most desirable. The active ingredient acts on the spot, without losing potency as when passing through the digestive system.

Dogs are cheerful animals that enrich people’s lives. But cosmic injustice has arranged that these lovely creatures have a much shorter lifespan than humans. So, their owners must make an effort to provide their four-legged friends with quality and as long a life as possible. Quality supplements like CBD oil will help them do that.

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