Breast Pads Buying Guide

Having babies can be exciting and exposes you to a fresh look into the real world. As a young mom, you may end up with a lot of stress. You start thinking about your body before you got pregnant and whether your skin is breaking out.

Of all the worries you have to deal with, leaking breasts should not be a concern. That is why maternity fashion houses are working to avail the best breast pads to keep breastmilk stains from your clothes when you travel. You can check them here

Types of breast pads

Breast pads come in two main categories; washable and disposable breast pads. There also exist silicone breast pads. You can use any, but some do not apply to all occasions.

1. Disposable nursing pads

You wear them once and throw them away when they get wet. They come in different shapes and thicknesses. They are the best if you are out traveling because you do not have to worry about washing and drying them. However, they tend to be expensive in the end.

2. Reusable breast pads

These might be a little expensive when buying, but they are more economical. You can rewash them and re-wear them.

3. Silicone pads

Rather than absorbing leaks, silicone breast pads apply a little pressure on your nipples to prevent the leaks. They are soft but sticky. Their inner surface adheres to the skin on your breast, and you can wear them with or without your bra.

You can find an assortment of breast pads you like and buy them at affordable prices when you travel or go out to fancy places

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What do you look for in your breast pads?

Nursing pads should make you comfortable when you go out of the house or stay away from your baby for long periods. Therefore, they should not be the reason you feel uncomfortable while you walk.

When you are looking for the best breast pads for yourself or your partner, look out for:

  • Soft, absorbent, and preferably made of cotton
  • They should be breathable; it is best for your nipples and baby

Therefore, you should avoid breast pads with plastic liners or waterproof properties. They should not trap moisture against your skin because it starts to itch.


Always remember to change your wet nursing pads for dry ones. Wetness around your nipple could also lead to sore nipples and encourage the growth of bacteria. By choosing the wrong nursing pads, you could expose yourself and your baby to infections.

Final Thoughts

Leaking is most common in the early days of breastfeeding. It occurs naturally, especially when you hear your baby crying or when you have been away from your baby for too long. It could also happen for no reason. It should not be the reason for your embarrassment, but you probably do not want to be walking around the mall with breastmilk stains on your dress. That is why you need the best breast pads with you when you are away from your kid or traveling.

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