Key Benefits Of Riding A Commuter Motorcycle For Society & Community

Everyone who owns a motorcycle love to ride as per their liking riding across the city, sand dunes, off-road trails, and other particular pathways. Most people do not want to lose any opportunity of riding a bike toward a selected destination and want to enjoy every bit of it.

Especially because riding a motorcycle provides mental peace, stability, and an inner sense of pleasure to be your own. You also experience this feeling not just while riding a superbike but even riding a mileage-oriented commuter bike like Splendor Xtec or any other.

Those taking their commuter motorcycle to the workplace every single day have the amazing pleasure of a seamless ride across varied surroundings. Not just for themselves, but there are several benefits of riding a commuter bike for society and the community. And the same you will witness in the next set of blog sections.

Benefits of a commuter ride for community & society

There are several benefits that you have already experienced or want to experience after riding a commuter motorcycle.

1. Stay ahead of congestion

Undoubtedly, city traffic and widespread congestion of uncountable cars, trucks, and other four-wheelers are simply depressing to look at. Especially when you head towards your workplace on your mileage-oriented 100CC to 125CC motorcycle. Most urban areas have this vibrant reality of facing hours of traffic congestion, especially towards the workplace area routes, while causing delays to everyone during peak hours.

And this increased congestion further leads to riding cases of road rage, enhanced fuel prices, and high cost of vehicle maintenance. Thus to meet all such issues, riding a powerful yet cost-effective Splendor+ BS6 or Hero Passion Pro BS6 motorcycle is the right solution to surpass the traffic condition.

You will admit the fact that after having two years of remote working schedule, the world is finally open to all. More and more offices are calling the employees back to the normal routine of working from the office. And suddenly, you are facing more than heavy traffic conditions in the city areas and less riding space in lanes. Thus, to curb the issue, traveling via a commuter bike is an ideal solution to beat the traffic, save on fuel, add more space on roads for more people, reduce the carbon footprint, and simply protect the environment.

2. Take up the social cause

You might not know the fact that motorcycle riding is for the social good. It is because of several valid reasons. First of all, motorcycle requires less riding space and ultimately free up space for others to ride and drive toward their destination. Riding bike results in less wear & tear while going through tough surfaces and crossing narrow lanes. Even from the cost point of view, riding a bike is certainly economical due to less fuel consumption to any four-wheeler or more.

Another key benefit of riding a motorcycle is taking up less parking space, thus giving more space to people and creating an excellent society ecosystem all around. Lastly, if more people decide to reach their workplace via a two-wheeler, then definitely, there will be less congestion, low-fuel consumption, lower fuel price, less carbon dispersal, and everyone will reach well on time.

3. Save optimum on fuel

As you already know, Indian people are witnessing sky-high fuel prices, especially after the pandemic and when offices have started opening for employees. More fuel consumption would lead to more pollution and a rising number of vehicles on roads. And this will ultimately lead to environmental degradation and community downfall. But this threat could be minimalistic if most office-going professionals would ride towards the work.

As we have mentioned earlier, motorcycle riding is cost-effective, safe on fuel, take-up less road space, and with no such parking space issue. Therefore, riding a two-wheeler in the city area will help you consume less fuel and save it for others. And this might even reduce the rising fuel prices to an optimum extent.

Another way to save on fuel is riding a mileage-oriented motorcycle to gain optimum fuel efficiency. For instance, Hero Motocorp offers the best mileage-driven entry-level motorcycles in the marketplace under 100CC to 125CC engine capacity. You can lay your hands on any Hero motorcycle requiring less investment in genuine Hero spare parts without facing any hassle.

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Personal benefits of riding a mileage-oriented motorcycle

  • Motorcycle riding is more fun and engaging than driving a car. Even for the daily commutation, you get to connect with different pathways, and other rides around, and enjoy your solo ride to the fullest. Compared to four-wheeler driving in which you listen to music, drink coffee, sit in the same position, and sometimes get bored inside. Riding a motorcycle is more of a concentrated part of travel in which you focus on the road and other vehicles around.
  • Nothing feels better than passing through small spaces during the hefty traffic condition and reaching your destination well on time. It’s more of a pleasure for riders who attain experience with time and continuous riding. You can easily change lanes, whenever you find the opportunity. Not only this, motorcycles riders will learn the skill of seeing through the traffic ahead to decide their route well in advance and can best avoid traffic congestion.
  • Another satisfactory benefit of riding a fuel-efficient bike is even traveling for long towards highways and expressways. You need not pay the hefty toll price and experience the tempting ecosystem all around within a minimal budget.

Cost-saving benefits of riding an Entry-Level Motorcycle

From the cost point of view, you can rely on best-performing commuter-level motorcycles like Hero Splendor+, Glamour BS6, Passion Xtec, or any other owing to the following reasons:

  • Commuter bikes use less fuel and might even provide you with the optimum mileage of 70kmpl.
  • Bikes have less insurance cost as compared to other automobiles in the marketplace.
  • Lay hands on exclusive discounts and exchange offer for riding a commuter motorcycle. 

Cons to commuting on a bike

Apart from several benefits that you experience while riding a commuter segment motorcycle, there are some cons too. 

  • Sometimes it takes time to get fully suited up for your upcoming motorcycle ride. It is essential to wear a helmet, riding gloves, and riding jacket, clean the bike, and take it out of the parking.
  • Owing a commuter motorcycle requires a regular set of maintenance and cleaning. Due to attaining high-mileage capacity, it is essential to keep a close tab on service and take out some spare time for the same. 
  • It is imperative to ride a two-wheeler cautiously on any road condition requiring utmost focus and concentration. You have to avoid taking calls and listening to music while riding. 
  • Lastly, bad weather condition can take a huge toll on your ride and makes it even more difficult to reach your destination on time. Especially during the extremely cold and rainy season, it’s difficult to ride on the city streets. 

How to prepare for a safe commuter ride?

Preparing for an upcoming ride, even for the daily commutation purpose requires some easy-to-follow steps like the ones mentioned below:

  • Take a bike riding course, if you do not know how to ride on spacious and congested pathways.
  • Wear protective riding gear, even for the daily commutation purpose to stay safe and secure.
  • Carry limited stuff on your motorcycle that can of a medium size backpack or messenger bag. You can even add a bungie net stashed under the seat to carry some additional items. Moreover, avoid hanging any bag on the handlebar to prevent any imbalanced riding experience.
  • Specifically during the winter season, do wear your woolen riding gloves, rain gear, fleece jacket, riding boots, and other stuff.

Concluding Thoughts 

Motorcycles are much more than two-wheelers that can take you to any destination cost-effectively and timely. They are fun to ride by many people towards their workplace along with other places with ease and comfort. Even bikes play an integral role in reducing the carbon footprint, saving parking space, and making communities better. Therefore, own a high-performance and mileage-driven commuter motorcycle of the reliable brand from the eShop Hero Motocorp platform. On this website, select your choice of bike and book the same online without going anywhere else.

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