iOS Application Development

The rapid development of mobile marketing causes an urgent need to change the concept and develop communication channels with the client. Communication with the client is extremely important in the advertising and marketing process. More and more popular mobile applications for iOS, prepared by experienced and highly qualified specialists in the field of programming, are an excellent answer to the dynamically changing needs of customers and the requirements of modern business.

Creating iOS applications requires close collaboration between the developer and the client. Because only in conditions of full and understandable communication can you create mobile applications that fully meet your expectations.

” If your plans do not include a cell phone, your plans will not be completed .”
— Thomas Hasson, vice president of Forrester.

Our company is a unique group of specialists in many fields, programmers, testers, as well as UX / UI specialists, experienced marketers and PR specialists who work together towards one goal – the success of your application.

iOS app development with our team is a guarantee of the highest quality and user satisfaction.

Application Development Plan

Mobile app development Manchester for iOS is a complex process that includes several stages:

  1. Development of application requirements.
  2. Estimation of development cost and terms.
  3. Application prototype design.
  4. Preparation of terms of reference for developers, designers, project managers and business analysts.
  5. Product release development.
  6. Application testing.
  7. Publishing the application in the AppStore.
  8. Technical support (optional).

A simple multi-screen application can be developed in a week. Complex applications can take months to develop. For complex solutions, a reasonable option is to release the application with basic functionality, and then update it with the refinement of secondary functionality.

Applications for iPhone, iPad, MacOS

iPhone Application Development

The advantages of developing an application for the iPhone are obvious:

  1. Efficient work in case of a slow Internet connection or its absence – the application loads reusable resources (graphics, multimedia, interface, etc.) during a one-time installation and update. Achieving such an effect on websites is much more difficult or impossible.
  2. Convenience – research shows that apps are more popular than similar sites for a very simple reason – they are more convenient to use. In addition, mobile apps improve the user experience (they load the view faster, they are usually easier to use because they are optimized for a certain screen size).
  3. Push notifications increase customer loyalty and can better influence their behavior.
  4. Personalization and setting options – Mobile apps make it much easier to give users the ability to change preferences and settings than a standard mobile or responsive website.
  5. Increased security – placing an application in the AppStore is subject to several additional security rules.
  6. More ways to earn and accept micropayments – Selling on mobile apps is easy because we have mobile payment systems. Paid mobile apps have more earning potential than a website that offers paid access to a premium account.

For iPad

The iPad may seem to many people a device meant only for consuming content: playing games, watching movies, or surfing the Internet with a cup of coffee. However, this has not been the case for a long time. Many use the iPad as a full-fledged replacement for a work computer. There are many great apps in the App Store that can turn an Apple tablet into a useful tool for professionals. Therefore, creating an application for the iPad is a smart decision.

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For macOS

Applications under macOS are characterized by high stability and well-thought-out functionality. If you have an idea for a new product that will conquer the market, then developing an application for macOS is the right decision.


When we talk about the most user-friendly system, most of us consider the iOS software to be the easiest. The interface of Apple products is surprisingly intuitive, and users have easy access to all their business applications and more. If security is a priority for your business, then you should choose iOS as a more secure option over Android .

For many businesses, iOS apps are a new opportunity. For online shopping and food delivery, this is the best solution. Such applications will allow you to quickly place an order, pay using a contactless payment system. In addition, incoming notifications from the application about discounts and promotions are a great way to remind yourself and get a person to order your product or service again.

For the sphere of delivery or proper nutrition, a system for managing and automating food processes is suitable. The system consists of an iOS mobile application and a web panel for customers to manage the purchased ration, an online store with online payment services, a mobile application for drivers, and an administrative panel (CRM) for catering employees. Such an application will take food delivery to a new level.

The advantages of native apps are obvious:

  1. Improved user interface – simple and clear, attracts users because it is similar to what is in the operating system. The result is a positive user experience and a desire to use it again and again.
  2. Offline Mode – By default, setting them up gives them full access to all the data they need offline. Unlike internet apps which depend on your network connection and speed. If you need to create a mobile game, your best bet is to create your own apps.
  3. Higher Store Ranking – Great performance and easy-to-use specs have a huge impact on App Store rankings. This results in better visibility and more revenue.
  4. Ease of updating – the process of updating and integrating new features in native applications is smoother and faster.
  5. Simple and fast implementation – developers do not need to learn a wide range of different programming languages ​​or technologies. Initial deployment to most platforms is faster, and future changes are delivered at the same time in most cases, without the need to deploy them separately to each platform.

iOS app development cost

In the process of developing applications for iOS, we create convenient, technologically advanced applications with a perfect interface. Our projects go through detailed UX/UI tests to find all the elements that need to be changed.

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