Importance of LSI keyword in SEO

Google processes approximately more than 40,000 searches every second or 3.5 billion searches every day. So, how does Google reach relevant searches and display relevant results in front of you? Is there some magic wand with search engines? 

Is LSI something you really must know? LSI could be a savior for you with the growing competition in the online world to come upwards in search engine results. Do you know that LSI keywords can significantly boost your rankings? Further, LSI keywords are an essential part of SEO. 

Implementing LSI keywords may sound a bit complicated. But at the end of this article, you’ll find it easy to use LSI keywords. We cover the definition of LSI keywords, main tools, LSI keywords, and their importance for SEO.  

What are LSI keywords?

LSI started gaining popularity in the online market in 2004. But, its origin goes back to 1998. A search engine expert used LSI technology at Dell labs. Now it has become buzz in digital marketing and is used prominently by SEO experts. Almost every search engine prefers seeing content from different angles with LSI keywords to yield better results.

LSI stands for Latent Semantic Indexing. Every industry has some main keywords. Further, LSI keywords are words related to that industry. For example, if we talk about the shoe industry. So, the main keywords are boots, sneakers, sandals, and others. And its LSI keywords will be running shoes, doctor sole, lightweight shoes, and the like. 

So, what is the purpose of LSI keywords? They put light on a particular topic. Search engines and users better understand your content with LSI keywords. Nothing exists as an alone entity in this world. There are dots that connect one thing to another. LSI keywords provide a direct relationship between words and concepts.  

People confuse LSI keywords with synonyms. But, they are much more different than synonyms. The synonyms of bags are container, sack, etc. However, its LSI keywords are purses, trolley bags, handbags, backpacks, water-resistant bags, travel bags, and the same. 

You can better understand LSI keywords with auto-suggest on Google search. As when you put ‘bedsheets for’ in the search console, you will get results as shown in the image.

What are the tools to find LSI keywords? 

You must be wondering how you can find appropriate LSI keywords for your content. Here is a list of the handy tools which you can utilize to find your LSI keywords or you can get help from

  1. Google Auto Suggest: It is something we use in our day-to-day life. Google autocomplete suggests different words related to your query.
  1. Google Adwords Keywords Planner: No doubt, it is a platform for your ad campaign. But, it is also a valuable source when you need to find semantic searches for your data.
  1. SEO Pressor Connect: It is a full-fledged WordPress plugin meant to optimize your website. You can get an infinite number of LSI keywords from this tool.
  1. LSI Graph: Most bloggers prefer this tool to know identical keywords. Just enter your required words. Click on the captcha to confirm that you’re not a robot. And, see! How easily you get your LSI terms.
  1. Keyword Eye: Many users trust this tool. It has many exciting features such as competitor research, semantic searches for Amazon, YouTube, and Google. You can even appropriate keyword eye plans to get the desired results.

Using these tools, you can make a list of relevant keywords according to your topic. When you get the best-suited keywords on your subject, take a look at the monthly traffic of those keywords. It helps you decide the competition level, which keywords will help you rank higher, find the content gaps, and so on. You may contact the best SEO company in India to find desired LSI keywords and apply them at suitable places.

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How to use LSI keywords?

LSI keywords have a remarkable ability to add colors to your otherwise dull content. You can find many ways to use your old content and less popular images differently. Check these methods to use LSI keywords:

Use LSI keywords in the meta description

The meta description is important for SEO as it lies under the website link in the search engine results. Put your keywords and assistive keywords in the meta description itself. When visitors find their required keywords in the search results, they will click on your URL.

Semantic keywords in the content

As LSI keywords supplement your original keywords, using two to three keywords in your content is better. So, main and LSI keywords will assist each other to yield better SEO. More than three keywords will lead to keyword stuffing. You can design your heading tags H1, H2, H3 with them. LSI keywords add variation to the text.

Try keyword phrases

Delivering LSI keywords in sentence form helps you rediscover your content. In shirts, keyword phrases are shirt for men branded, shirt for women formal, and the like. It improves search engines’ understanding of what you mean rather than employing just one or two words.

Use LSI terms in digital marketing

When it comes to digital marketing, LSI terms are most helpful. Make LSI keywords a part of your online marketing strategies like content marketing, PPC campaigns, or social media marketing. It gives a nice flow to your marketing content. 

Optimizing your images

You can add twists to your old photos, charts, and infographics. You can redesign your infographics by putting LSI keywords in them and adding more illustrations to them. Additionally, it is possible to supplement old images with more information. Thus, you can reuse your visuals.

So, you can use LSI keywords in almost every aspect of your content and even boost your SEO.

What is the Importance of the LSI keyword for SEO?

Google keeps on improving its algorithm to understand the meaning and structure of the text. The context of the language matters more than the content. So, LSI keywords have a major role in SEO. 

  1. Helps in designing optimized content: Properly designed and optimized content helps in indexing your website. LSI keywords are influential in giving an edge to your content.
  1. Boost genuine traffic: A person finding your content meaningful from the meta description comes automatically on your website. Thus, LSI keywords boost your organic traffic.
  1. Enhance online presence: Semantic searches improve your presence on the web. Optimized video content and articles are easily visible on search engines.
  1. Improve search engine ranking: When your content strikes the right chord of the user, they spend more time on your website. So, search engines rank your website higher in the search results.
  1. Avoid Google penalty: With LSI keywords, you can even avoid the overuse of your main keywords. Otherwise, Google may penalize your web page, considering it to be black-hat SEO.
  1. Increase website reputation: Everyone refers to content that covers all the aspects of the industry. Thus, it improves website trustworthiness and brand reputation.


Let’s have a brief look at the whole LSI concept. LSI keywords have a significant impact on improving the user experience. They are worthwhile in establishing the link between keywords and industry. LSI keywords can take your rankings and traffic to a higher level. So, what are you waiting for? Take a look at tools and start using LSI keywords for enhancing your SEO.

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