How eClinicalWorks EMR Helps Health Centers?

eClinicalWorks EMR Software

Today, we will look into the world’s largest healthcare network, eClinicalWorks, with a distinctive approach. For sure, you might have read extensive articles about how it streamlines clinical workflow. Also, you might have come across pieces highlighting the top features of eClinicalWorks EMR, but that’s not what we are going to discuss here. For, we know you are looking for something new, something innovative about the vendor.

In this fine piece, we are going to see how this software helps healthcare centers. Over 800 health centers nationwide are using the services of eClinicalWorks EMR software to run a productive facility. The software assists in and out and helps practices grow from the ground up and run. It does so by providing definitive assistance starting from the time of implementation till the end of the contract.

It guides through appointment scheduling, documenting records, storing client databases, performing detailed reports, and combating the upcoming challenges. In addition, the vendor is dedicated to enhancing clinical efficiency by training clinical staff, thus boosting their effectiveness. Also, it provides end-to-end customer support to resolve all arising queries. So, let’s explore what the things that come under the health center category of this EMR system are.

A Demo of How eClinicalWorks Assist Health Centers

You should know beforehand that ecw EMR caters to a wide range of medical specialties. And to meet their desired requirements, the vendor offers specialized features and integrated workflow functionalities. This ensures that the health centers are running at an optimized pace keeping up with their set goals and medical requirements. In this regard, here we will share a quick demo of its specialized interfaces.

Electronic Dental Records

The vendor supports an electronic dental records EMR solution for dental health centers. This solution fits the personalized needs of dentists and empowers them to deliver premium quality care. Additionally, EDR helps boost patient satisfaction, increase patient engagement, enhance customer base and reduce last-minute cancellations. It even includes a customer relationship management service to strengthen the patient-physician bond.

Besides retaining clients, it simplifies perio charting for dentists. Using EDR, dentists can easily manage clinical referrals, inventory, orders, and more. All from an exclusive window. As for filing patient forms and other documents, there are quick-launch features. They can even conduct cost estimates using eClinicalWorks EMR and can allow patients to do e-signatures. This entire structure is built on an integrated and easy-to-use interface.


This robust solution provides a specialized module named healow Mom for women’s health care centers. This is the most influential and productive app created by ecw eClinicalWorks. The primary purpose of this application is to facilitate moms-to-be. It explicitly assists those going through this phase for the first time and who don’t have proper guidance. Using healow Mom, they can get an idea about what to expect in the near future.

Adding to it, they can schedule appointments with their specialists through an online scheduler and can also track the appointments. Then there are options to check blood pressure, glucose level, and more using this intuitive app. Women can even count the baby’s kicks and contractions as it helps during appointment sittings. There is also an option for writing a pregnancy journal which they can only access.

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Vision Care

There is a vision care option for the convenience of physicians tied up in back-to-back appointment schedules. List of EMR vendors assists eye-care providers by providing them with specialized tools. Eye tests are run on heavy operational systems, and the reports generated are seamlessly uploaded into the patient’s progress notes. In addition, it helps vision care centers keep track of patients who are showing signs of progression.

There is also a tool for inventory management. Providers can manage the entire stock from order placement to restocking. It helps provide timely medications to the patients leading to beneficial outcomes. Adding to it, the vendor supports frame data integration. The frames are uploaded on eClinicalWorks EMR and can be downloaded directly to be shared with the patients. There’s no need for manual data entry, which saves precious time.

Behavioral Health

There are expert teams assigned to guide the psychiatrists running mental health care centers. There are built-in enrollment programs to manage patients in healthcare facilities. It allows documenting the intake forms and assessment forms before the psychiatrists write down the treatment plan. Documenting group visits is also possible, as it is a common practice in behavioral health facilities.

Behavioral health practices can nurture an ultimate patient experience using this smart solution. Tools like patient kiosks, smart recalls, patient portals, and online payment processing optimize overall workflow. Patients even get the ability to ask questions to the providers via email or the portal. The unified structure of this cloud-based system even helps with mental health chart creation and claims management.

Other fundamental services eClinicalWorks provide for health centers are:

  • Poverty Guidelines
  • Ryan White Reporting
  • Family Planning
  • Reporting Tools
  • Fulfills Reporting Requirements
  • Socioeconomic Determinants

What Does eClinicalWorks Cost?

It is indeed the most frequently asked question asked by healthcare providers. They have the right to know what they will be charged for benefiting from all the innovative functionalities and services of ecw EMR. Luckily, this eClinicalWorks EMR has provided in-depth details of its pricing structure. However, before diving into the details, you should know a mind-blowing fact. The software allows for free data conversion from any other EMR system.

Here’s the detailed review of eClinicalWorks pricing structure:

EMR Only

It costs $449/month per provider, and there are no start-up costs. Also, it comes with unlimited training services and customer support.

EMR with Practice Management

It costs $599/month per provider and offers all the features of the EMR only plan along with billing implementation services.


It is for the practices that just need revenue cycle services like claim creation registry reporting, etc. This service of eClinicalWorks EMR costs just 2.9% of monthly collections.

This was all about how ecw EMR helps health centers to flourish by providing them assistance. If you are interested in knowing if it’s compatible with your medical practice, reach out to us with your medical requirements.

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