Good move organization. What should be taken into account?

When should you start preparing to move?

Option 1: “I myself”

Everything is simple here – take the previous list as a checklist and systematically follow all the steps. There is an illusion that this is the cheapest way to move. If you have a minimum of things, you do not plan to transport bulky items, furniture or equipment, you have reliable assistants, then perhaps this is so. If the move is more or less voluminous and the help of hired specialists is required, the risks of going beyond the estimated amount increase.

Option 2: turnkey

Moving professionals can take care of the move. The manager will determine by phone, photos or at a meeting – how many specialists (movers, furniture assemblers, packers) will be needed, what car, what equipment should be used, how much and what kind of packaging materials will be needed and how best to plan the work. When moving with a Spokane company, you will receive high-quality service, as well as not spend physical effort, If necessary, the movers will not only load things into the car, but also deliver packing materials, dismantle furniture, carefully pack things, remove curtains, paintings and mirrors. 

 And in the new apartment they will help with the arrangement – they will assemble and arrange furniture, unpack things, put them in their places, etc.

Start preparing before your expected move date. If you are planning a renovation, include moving costs in your budget right away. Firstly, any unplanned expenses in advance are always stressful. Secondly, many do not imagine in advance how much time and effort the move will take.

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You need to carefully choose a transport company. It is clear that when you move, you want to save some money. However, you should not immediately give preference to the cheapest offer on the market. You do not want the refrigerator and sofa to arrive in a new city with defects? Of course, a budget proposal does not mean bad. But the bottom line is this: if other companies offer roughly the same price for the same service, and one company gives too low a price and this is not a promotional offer, then something is most likely wrong here. What to look for, besides the price, in order to carefully choose a shopping center? The main factors are: the condition of the trucks, the presence of positive reviews about the company, the experience of the drivers. At the same time, initially mark for yourself the level of service already from the first call. Important: sign a contract with a transport company.

Impressive list, right? But he still does not take into account formal issues – for example, documents, preparation of all family members for moving, the need for general cleaning in both apartments. Let’s not forget that not everyone can afford, for example, to take a vacation. Most likely, in parallel with the preparation for the move, you will have to lead a normal life – work, communicate with family and friends, solve everyday issues, maybe control the completion of repairs in a new apartment.

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