Aspirants: Learn Some Important Concepts About GATE Exam

Asked any GATE aspirants what is the most confusing segment in the GATE concept? Most of them will say it is GATE marks and rank. Yes, you read it right.

Many candidates feel the same way, and they want to analyse the most popular concept: GATE marks vs rank. In this article, we will clear some facts regarding this notion only.

Let’s talk about GATE marks, score and rank individually.

GATE Marks

GATE marks are based on the number of questions asked in the exam. The GATE exam contains 65 questions, and these 65 questions hold 100 marks. So, it is clear that the candidates will obtain marks out of 100, depending on their performance.

GATE Score

GATE score is calculated on the basis of one formula or process and it is called the normalisation process. This score also depends on the complexity level. When it comes to the normalisation process, the score is estimated out of 1000 as the total marks.


So, here comes a very important factor of the GATE exam: Rank. GATE rank is estimated from the marks acquired by the candidate in the exam. After scrutinising the marks of the candidates, a particular rank is allotted to each of the qualifying students.

GATE marks, scores and rank are the three important and the most confusing phenomenons. Newbie aspirants often get confused in these three things and that is the reason it has become one of the most asked GATE FAQs.

Yes. If you are new in the GATE world, then you might have heard about the famous terminology i.e. GATE FAQs. As we know, it is one of the most popular examinations in the nation, and it includes many guidelines and regulations. That is the reason students have come up with doubts. These doubts are known as GATE FAQs.

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Learn About GATE Concepts & Deal With It

No wonder, the level of the GATE exam is quite complex and it is fair enough because this exam is giving so many benefits to the GATE-qualified students. So, if you want to enjoy all those perks, then you have to learn all the concepts regarding this exam including your syllabus, exam pattern, mode, GATE FAQs and more.

This is the only way you can make your GATE journey smooth and deal with the complexity level with ease. So, GATE aspirants, it is time for action. Do your best and reach your destination with grace.

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