Different Types of Jobs You Can Get With A Law Degree

Many people assume that if you get a law degree, that automatically means that you are going to be a lawyer. However, a law degree is a versatile and valuable credential that can open doors to a wide range of career paths. While many people think of lawyers as people who work in law firms and go to court, there are actually many different types of jobs that you can get with a law degree. Here are just a few examples:


This is perhaps the most obvious career choice for those with a law degree. Attorneys represent clients in legal proceedings, advise them on legal matters, and handle negotiations and settlements. They can work in private law firms, government agencies, or in-house for corporations or nonprofit organizations. Benton and Benton is a great lawyer in Monroe, GA.


Lawyers with a strong interest in the judicial system may choose to become judges. Judges preside over legal proceedings, including trials and hearings, and make decisions based on the law and the evidence presented. They may work at the local, state, or federal level, depending on their jurisdiction.

Legal academic

Lawyers who are interested in teaching and research may choose to become legal academics. Legal academics work at law schools, where they teach courses, conduct research, and publish articles and books on legal topics, and write about the law for academic and professional audiences. Many legal academics also engage in policy work, consulting, or other activities related to the law. Some legal academics are also practicing attorneys, and may use their knowledge of the law to represent clients in legal proceedings or advise them on legal matters. In general, the job of a legal academic involves the application of legal principles to real-world problems and the dissemination of knowledge about the law to the wider community.

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Legal consultant

Lawyers with expertise in a particular area of law may choose to work as legal consultants, advising clients on legal matters and helping them to navigate the legal system. Legal consultants may work independently or as part of a consulting firm. Some common tasks that legal consultants may be responsible for include: researching and analyzing legal issues, providing legal advice, drafting legal documents such as contracts, representing clients in legal proceedings and communicating with clients and other stakeholders.

Legal writer 

Lawyers with strong writing skills may choose to work as legal writers, producing content such as articles, blog posts, and briefs for clients or publications. Legal writers may work for law firms, media outlets, or as freelancers.


Lawyers with an interest in policy and politics may choose to work as lobbyists, advocating for the interests of their clients to lawmakers and other decision-makers. Lobbyists may work for corporations, trade associations, or nonprofit organizations.


Lawyers with strong communication and problem-solving skills may choose to become mediators, helping parties to resolve disputes out of court. Mediators may work in private practice or for organizations such as courts or alternative dispute resolution firms.

Public defender 

Lawyers who are passionate about social justice may choose to work as public defenders, representing indigent clients in criminal cases. Public defenders work for government agencies or nonprofit organizations.

This list is by no means exhaustive, and there are many other types of jobs that you can get with a law degree. The key is to think creatively and to explore the many opportunities available to you.

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